Sunday, August 14, 2016

Dear Levi - 4 years old

Dear Levi,
I'm watching the Olympics in bed, exhausted from all the fun at your birthday party this afternoon, and I am remembering being in the hospital with you as a newborn infant watching it - How is that 4 years ago?!

You continue to be so full of enthusiasm for life, a ball of energy that doesn't stop from morning until night unless you can be persuaded to sit and watch a show on the TV. You love life and your passion is so contagious.

You have big emotions and are still trying to figure out how to process them in that little 4 year old body of yours. You and Nora are the best of friends but she is the one that can push your buttons like no other. You try so hard to be patient but sometimes your 4 gets the better of you.

You have recently discovered the Cars movies and it's your new favourite thing. You know all the names and have played pretend non stop with the cars we gave you for your birthday.

We have also entered the Lego years. You are just starting to be able to put together the little pieces and are even following the instructions with some help. I love to watch you build and create.  You are so creative Mr.Man, you come up with all kinds of great inventions.

You are so social and love your friends well. Until recently, you had such a hard time sharing even with your closest buddies, but something clicked, and you have grown up SO much in that area now. You are enjoying playdates for the friends that you see and not just the toys you can play with. It's special to see you choosing friends and asking specifically to get together with certain friends now.

You are still very athletic, you love bats and balls, you love to run and play at the playground - you just figured out the monkey bars and you are so proud of yourself! You are a keen bike rider and even though you only have 12 inch wheels, you peddle fast enough to keep up with your older friends on their bigger bikes. Its humorous to see your little legs going so fast but you just love it.

You are starting to ask lots of questions about the world; about planets and the solar system, about where you live and how its different than other places and you have really enjoyed reading books this summer set across the globe. You were taken by one called Rain school, set in Chad, Africa where the kids had to first re build their washed away school house. It's so far from the life you know but you are eager to know about the world and I hope and pray that God will use that curiosity in some really cool way in the future.

You can now get undressed and dressed by yourself but shoes give you trouble and you like to wear your underwear backwards so you can see the pictures on the back. So independent, but you still have to be encouraged to use these new skills.

You make us laugh all the time with your jokes and ideas. You have recently discovered mooning and have used it on some pretty hilarious occasions. It's hard to discourage something so funny, but I know we will live to regret it :)

You got another baby sister this year, and you love on her so much, sometimes a little too much, but you are always so eager to hold her and take care of her. She saves her biggest smiles for you and is very forgiving for the too big kisses you sometimes plant on her. You even give her your lovey when she is sad which shows how deeply you love her..

Most nights you are still ending up in our bedroom. After you wake up to pee you need to feel safe and like to snuggle, even if you end up in the cot bed next to ours after you are asleep - you just like to be with other people. We are working on it, but we understand your desire to be with us, and honestly, we like waking up to your face.

So my precious boy, this is a note to you so remember how fantastic you were as a new 4 year old.

I love you so very much and even though you are growing up so fast and I would like it to slow down, I want to see what the coming year will hold for you,

Love you
Mama x


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