Friday, February 28, 2014

Dear Nora - Two Weeks Old

Sweet baby,

I cannot believe you are two weeks old already, the days feel long - and the nights feel longer - but the past two weeks have flown by!

You are starting to be more awake and alert for longer periods through the day. Your bright blue eyes tracking my face as you look up while you nurse. Its precious! You are still making lots of time for sleeping during the day though. I cannot believe how much you sleep baby although I am not complaining.

You are still my champion pooper too - your systems are certainly working well in that respect! It can however make life difficult because as you eat you poop but then you fall asleep. Then we change your bum which wakes you up, and then you feel unsettled and want to nurse - which then makes you fart and poop. Ugh!! At night this cycle is especially frustrating.

You had been struggling a little with feeding, finding it hard to get a good latch but with some help from friends and with you being a trooper and sticking with it, we seem to be on the upswing now. I am so proud of you.

At your two week check up your weight had almost returned to birth weight, and I am sure by now you have surpassed it. You seem to be in some sort of 2 week growth spurt or something because today you have been nursing non-stop! I guess you are a growing girl and its natural but I hope I can eat enough to keep up with you. It can be tough to find time to eat while taking care of you and your brother - even with all the help I have. Your Nana and Grandad are still here for a few mote days and they have loved their cuddles with you in these early days. They miss so much being so far away that it makes my heart happy to see them snuggling with you. You love it too.

Your brother gives you lots of hugs and kisses when he sees you and he asks where you are if he doesn't see you. It makes me smile to think of the way he loves you now and the relationship the two of you will have as you grow up.

Love you so very much baby girl,

Mama xx

Friday, February 21, 2014

Dear Nora - One Week Old

My sweet girl,

I can't believe you have already been in our arms for a week! It is hard to remember a time when you were not in our family.

You are the teeniest little thing, even some of your newborn clothes are baggy on you. It's a good thing we have quite a supply that was handed down to you because you are proving to be the blow-out queen. In your short time here you have managed to put your stamp on more onesies than your brother has his entire life! Your digestive system is certainly working well :)

We are learning more about you every day. You are keen to establish right away that you are not your brother.

You are a sleeper little lady and spend your days in blissful slumber waking only to nurse and poop, and poop some more. You will have some awake time, looking around and taking in faces of those around you, but your eyelids soon get heavy and sleep overtakes again. Your days and nights are a little upside down but I am hopeful that's going to change soon.

Your brother is still smitten with you and is excited to see you every morning when he wakes up. He loves to hold you and kiss you and rub noses with you. He also loves to pull off your socks and see your toes - sorry if you have been feeling a draft in the feet department because he has yet to develop the skill to put your socks back on again.

At your doctor's appointment you had lost a couple more ounces so on Tuesday you weighed in at a whopping 7lb 2oz. However my milk had just come in and they believe that once you started getting your fill of milk and calories you would start to gain back your birth weight in no time.

I confess that dressing you up is such a joy for me. I love to see you in your cute outfits!

You have struggled a little to latch for nursing but we are figuring it out. I get sad at night when you are clearly hungry and just cannot get a good latch. Thank you for being patient and trying so hard, you always get there in the end and then fill up.

We have so many adventures ahead for us sweet girl,

Love you so much,
Mama x

Here you are, 1 week old, with your little boyfriend Malachi. As usual, you were sleeping for most of his visit :)

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Happy 'Scheduled C-section Day' Baby Girl!

Introducing our daughter, Nora Grace.

She couldn't wait until our scheduled C section - that should have taken place this morning - instead, I began to have contractions last Thursday that got stronger and stronger until on Friday morning y doctor decided to move our surgery forward to that afternoon.

Our Valentine's baby.

Our sweetheart.

It is taking longer to recover from surgery this time. A planned C-section uses a different anesthetic so I am not sure if that has anything to do with it but once I started to get up and mobile things have started to feel more hopeful!

Nora has been a dream so far. She has her days and nights a bit confused but otherwise she's just a doll.

She nursed feverishly the first night she was born, all night - she didn't get the memo about how all babies sleep their first 24 hours - all she did was feed and poop. I was laughing so hard as Jeremy over and over again, sigh as we heard her fill a brand new clean diaper thirty seconds after she had been changed. I think the fact that we were both so tired from literally having no sleep through her first night of life that we had to laugh otherwise we would have cried! Finally at around 6am she crashed hard and so did we until around 8am when the nurse came in to check our vitals.

After two nights in the hospital, we came home and have started to work on getting back to real life. Levi has adjusted well so far. He likes to hold and kiss Nora for very short moments and keeps wanting her to play basketball or ride n his bike. We remind him that she is too little and he moves on to something else but I am already exited for them to be playmates in the future.

For now we are just loving on our little girl, in awe of God's goodness in our lives and of his abundant blessings. We are so very in love with our tiny little lady.

Here she is newly out, and meeting her brother who was checking out fingers and toes. Lastly, here she is from today at her first Dr's appt. this morning - Current weight 7lb2oz and getting cuter every day :)

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Dear Levi - Eighteen Months Old

Ok Buggy, I am sure you will agree that this month has been a doozy. You have had more time being sick than being healthy the past 30 days. I am sure you are as happy as I am to draw a line under it and look forward to the next month of life and beyond (there's some good stuff coming!)

You continue to take in the world around you at a pace and with a thirst that astounds us. Your love for books continues to grow and you are drinking up longer and longer stories which can make nap and bed time a longer and longer experience :) Your memory for the favourtie stories is amazing and one of the thigs I love to do with you is to say the first line of a book and hear you quote off the next few pages without a second thought. It's so cute to hear your little voice.

You are still struggling at night to settle to sleep and certainly to sleep through in your own bed. We end up bringing you in to sleep with us most nights and you snuggle up close. You are a real snuggle bug and I confess that as much as I want you to figure out sleeping through for your own benefit, I will miss waking up to your precious face and your morning babble.

We have been remodling a bathroom and you have loved being an "elper" (helper) to Daddy and Grandpa and loved using your "ammer and wrench" (hammer and wrench) "bang, bang!" is your battle cry!

You have also developed a new love for Thomas the tank engine since you received a DVD from your Nana and Grandad for Christmas, and a train set with a Thomas from Grandma and Grandpa - they all just knew how much you would love him! You have particular episodes on the DVD that you ask for by name. I love that you're developing opinions - most of the time :)

This months blog entry is also brought to you by some of the adorable things that have come out of your mouth in the midst of all the yuckiness. Starting with your favourite Thomas episodes;

"Enry, ellieant, nunnel, water" (Henry, elephant, tunnel, water) When Henry gets pushed out of the tunnel by the runaway circus elephant and then he squirts him with water.

"Bercy, choca" (Percy and the chocolate.) Where Percy crashes into the chocolate factory and gets covered.

"James, boon" (James, balloon) Where James gets covered in the hot air balloon when it loses air.

Those are your faves, but you are adding to that collection and you seem to get that increasing your vocabulary helps you express what you want which only inspires you to repeat everything more and more!

The other day when you were sick and we were using the bulb syringe to help you clear out some gunk Jeremy took command of the sucking. Later in the day you were walking around trying to get the syringe to work by yourself and reminiscing about earlier in the day. I said, "did daddy help you suck out some yuckies earlier" and you responded, "Suck it, Daddy" ha ha!! It made me laugh listening to you walking around saying it over and over!

Baby boy, I don't know where the last 18 months have gone but they have been the best of my life. You are my ray of sunshine and I am so thankful that God saw fit to bless us with you. Enjoy the next week or so as an only child I cannot wait to see what an amazing big brother you are going to be when your sister arrives.

Big hugs bugga boo,
Love Mama xx

Monday, February 10, 2014

38 weeks, the countdown begins

I am officially at the point in pregnancy when instead of the happy smiles and excited "when are you due?" questions from strangers, I am getting the "I'm so, so sorry you are so huge" sympathy looks.

My waddle this time around is epic. Levi never dropped this low but at the moment I am walking like a weeble - only I am not convinced one day I won't fall down.

I measured my belly the other day, which I did a bunch with Levi and have resisted this time, 44.5 inches - and growing! I am so itchy as the skin on my belly stretches beyond I thought possible. She has to come out soon, right?

We are almost done with our bathroom remodel  - just a few last minute touch ups and then the fun decor part which I love :) Also, I am excited for my parents to arrive later this week, it's been too long since we have all been together without a computer screen in between us. Levi keeps saying, "Nana, Gramdad, airplane" but I am not sure he gets it at all. I am sure he'll be excited when they are actually here.

I can't believe that its all happening so fast. Baby girl will be here before we know it. Its more exciting than waiting for Christmas :)

We did some last minute baby supply shopping yesterday and have her dresser/change table set up in our room with a few little things to quiet the nesting instinct in me and hopefully help our baby girl feel as though she has a place of her own! However, with Levi still struggling at night as much as he is through all the sickness recently and ending up in our bed, I am not sure how we will all fit in our bed after she arrives. It will be cozy!  But some of our sweetest moments as a family have happened as we wake up slowly together and snuggle reading books or playing silly games. I am looking forward to continuing this tradition with our sweet girl adding to the fun.

For now, the belly continues to grow and move all. the. time! As does he big brother. Life is uncomfortable and anxiety ridden, exhausting and wonderful all at the same time.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

In the waiting

Another post brought to you from my bed - and it's not even 9pm yet. I'm exhausted.

Jeremy is out of town for a few days and his parents are here to help out with Levi so I can keep my feet up and keep these early contractions to a dull roar. I am praying baby girl decides to stay put until Daddy returns. Tomorrow we have another scan and another time of being monitored to see if I am contracting. I'm excited to see her again and know she's doing ok in there.

As I put Levi down for his nap today, we read stories and then I rocked him in my lap in the rocker, singing Amazing Grace and the praying over his sleeping and for healing from this nasty cough and cold that seem to be hanging around. I opened my eyes to see his prefect little face, peacefully sleeping and I couldn't help shedding a tear - or a hundred of them. It was such a sweet moment with my baby. A moment that will be changing forever after his sister arrives. I wont have the luxury of reading and rocking for a half hour before he falls asleep at nap time. We won't get to chat about our morning before he closes his eyes, I won't get to laugh about the cute things he remembers and the darling little phrases he uses to share his thoughts before sleep.

Levi is also really struggling at night with sleep. I am not sure what happened to our good little sleeper. But add on the cold/cough and his crazy teething and the past few nights have been ridiculous. Last night was the worst. Teeth are to blame I am 100% sure but he was hysterical and noting would pacify him. He was half asleep and confused and thrashing around. It was horrible. Not to mention, I had been having some pretty regular contractions and was starting to worry they were more than just Braxton Hicks so I felt tired and helpless and all of a sudden super anxious about how we would handle a similar night with an infant at home too.

I am so, so thankful that my husband is so willing and capable to take control of situations like that when necessary. I know that together we would get through it. But I am hoping that the teething will be done before she arrives - wishful thinking maybe but I can't help thinking they must be cutting soon. My poor sweet boy, I feel so bad for him.

I know I have asked for prayer from others about his sleep but I don't know that I have really pestered God about it myself too often. That's about to change! I need one of my kiddos to be sleeping :)

So I need to sign off and get some shut eye in case boo is up soon and seeking snuggles. I am on solo parenting duty on the night shift but honestly, when J is away I care much less about having Levi in bed with me. I think its because when it's just the two of us I have much less chance of being kicked in the head :)

Monday, February 3, 2014

37 weeks, sick baby boy and Superbowl!

First of all, I would be remiss not to mention the fabulous events that unfolded last night when our Seattle Seahawks scored a very convincing win [read blow out] over the Denver Broncos to become the Superbowl 48 champions!! Thankful to be here in Seattle to witness the build up to the game and the fun of celebrating this win!

Levi is on day three of a nasty cold/cough along with a fever that could have been a part of the cold, or a part of the crazy teething he is also experiencing. He has been miserable; barely eating, barely sleeping - that's all of us not just Levi - super snotty, can hardly keep his eyes open most the time its pathetic to see him. It's also exhausting to care for him.

He is an emotional disaster. He cannot be told no without dissolving into a pile of tears than ends up with him face down on the floor where he lays for longer than usual because I think his energy supply is so depleted he doesn't have energy to spring back up! He doesn't understand that his little body needs to rest and keeping him still is a challenge. We have been watching way too much Thomas the Tank Engine, and spending more time that I want to admit looking at old videos of him on my phone but he is happy to snuggle. In fact, I am not excited about the fact we have to break these habits after the sickness is done (although in this moment I feel as though its never going to end!)

We have been going to bed between 8 and 9 and often end up with Levi in with us before 10pm...I can't remember the last time Jeremy and I had a full conversation beyond sharing about our day because we just don't have the time - and recently I began to have soem anxiety about that as I realised that with baby girl on her way life is about to get even more full.

I am hopeful and prayerful that with the end of this illness Levi slips back into his good and improving sleep habits. Our bed is only so big and I don't want the babies waking each other up - well, I'm ok with them waking each other up, I am not so excited about either of them waking me up :)

It's 8pm, I guess I need to start getting ready for bed - maybe some ice cream first? - the baby wants it, what can I do?!

And here we are 37 weeks pregnant. It feels like 47.

My NST today showed some contractions which could be nothing, but could be something. The doctor told me it shows I am doing too much. I also have to go for another scan this week to check her growth since she was measuring small last week and they want to make sure it was simply because they couldn't get a good reading of her head - which they couldn't and would totally explain the situation but as with all things baby they want to check it out and make certain. I'm ok with that. Better safe than sorry.


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