Friday, February 21, 2014

Dear Nora - One Week Old

My sweet girl,

I can't believe you have already been in our arms for a week! It is hard to remember a time when you were not in our family.

You are the teeniest little thing, even some of your newborn clothes are baggy on you. It's a good thing we have quite a supply that was handed down to you because you are proving to be the blow-out queen. In your short time here you have managed to put your stamp on more onesies than your brother has his entire life! Your digestive system is certainly working well :)

We are learning more about you every day. You are keen to establish right away that you are not your brother.

You are a sleeper little lady and spend your days in blissful slumber waking only to nurse and poop, and poop some more. You will have some awake time, looking around and taking in faces of those around you, but your eyelids soon get heavy and sleep overtakes again. Your days and nights are a little upside down but I am hopeful that's going to change soon.

Your brother is still smitten with you and is excited to see you every morning when he wakes up. He loves to hold you and kiss you and rub noses with you. He also loves to pull off your socks and see your toes - sorry if you have been feeling a draft in the feet department because he has yet to develop the skill to put your socks back on again.

At your doctor's appointment you had lost a couple more ounces so on Tuesday you weighed in at a whopping 7lb 2oz. However my milk had just come in and they believe that once you started getting your fill of milk and calories you would start to gain back your birth weight in no time.

I confess that dressing you up is such a joy for me. I love to see you in your cute outfits!

You have struggled a little to latch for nursing but we are figuring it out. I get sad at night when you are clearly hungry and just cannot get a good latch. Thank you for being patient and trying so hard, you always get there in the end and then fill up.

We have so many adventures ahead for us sweet girl,

Love you so much,
Mama x

Here you are, 1 week old, with your little boyfriend Malachi. As usual, you were sleeping for most of his visit :)

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