Friday, February 28, 2014

Dear Nora - Two Weeks Old

Sweet baby,

I cannot believe you are two weeks old already, the days feel long - and the nights feel longer - but the past two weeks have flown by!

You are starting to be more awake and alert for longer periods through the day. Your bright blue eyes tracking my face as you look up while you nurse. Its precious! You are still making lots of time for sleeping during the day though. I cannot believe how much you sleep baby although I am not complaining.

You are still my champion pooper too - your systems are certainly working well in that respect! It can however make life difficult because as you eat you poop but then you fall asleep. Then we change your bum which wakes you up, and then you feel unsettled and want to nurse - which then makes you fart and poop. Ugh!! At night this cycle is especially frustrating.

You had been struggling a little with feeding, finding it hard to get a good latch but with some help from friends and with you being a trooper and sticking with it, we seem to be on the upswing now. I am so proud of you.

At your two week check up your weight had almost returned to birth weight, and I am sure by now you have surpassed it. You seem to be in some sort of 2 week growth spurt or something because today you have been nursing non-stop! I guess you are a growing girl and its natural but I hope I can eat enough to keep up with you. It can be tough to find time to eat while taking care of you and your brother - even with all the help I have. Your Nana and Grandad are still here for a few mote days and they have loved their cuddles with you in these early days. They miss so much being so far away that it makes my heart happy to see them snuggling with you. You love it too.

Your brother gives you lots of hugs and kisses when he sees you and he asks where you are if he doesn't see you. It makes me smile to think of the way he loves you now and the relationship the two of you will have as you grow up.

Love you so very much baby girl,

Mama xx

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