Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Dear Levi - Eighteen Months Old

Ok Buggy, I am sure you will agree that this month has been a doozy. You have had more time being sick than being healthy the past 30 days. I am sure you are as happy as I am to draw a line under it and look forward to the next month of life and beyond (there's some good stuff coming!)

You continue to take in the world around you at a pace and with a thirst that astounds us. Your love for books continues to grow and you are drinking up longer and longer stories which can make nap and bed time a longer and longer experience :) Your memory for the favourtie stories is amazing and one of the thigs I love to do with you is to say the first line of a book and hear you quote off the next few pages without a second thought. It's so cute to hear your little voice.

You are still struggling at night to settle to sleep and certainly to sleep through in your own bed. We end up bringing you in to sleep with us most nights and you snuggle up close. You are a real snuggle bug and I confess that as much as I want you to figure out sleeping through for your own benefit, I will miss waking up to your precious face and your morning babble.

We have been remodling a bathroom and you have loved being an "elper" (helper) to Daddy and Grandpa and loved using your "ammer and wrench" (hammer and wrench) "bang, bang!" is your battle cry!

You have also developed a new love for Thomas the tank engine since you received a DVD from your Nana and Grandad for Christmas, and a train set with a Thomas from Grandma and Grandpa - they all just knew how much you would love him! You have particular episodes on the DVD that you ask for by name. I love that you're developing opinions - most of the time :)

This months blog entry is also brought to you by some of the adorable things that have come out of your mouth in the midst of all the yuckiness. Starting with your favourite Thomas episodes;

"Enry, ellieant, nunnel, water" (Henry, elephant, tunnel, water) When Henry gets pushed out of the tunnel by the runaway circus elephant and then he squirts him with water.

"Bercy, choca" (Percy and the chocolate.) Where Percy crashes into the chocolate factory and gets covered.

"James, boon" (James, balloon) Where James gets covered in the hot air balloon when it loses air.

Those are your faves, but you are adding to that collection and you seem to get that increasing your vocabulary helps you express what you want which only inspires you to repeat everything more and more!

The other day when you were sick and we were using the bulb syringe to help you clear out some gunk Jeremy took command of the sucking. Later in the day you were walking around trying to get the syringe to work by yourself and reminiscing about earlier in the day. I said, "did daddy help you suck out some yuckies earlier" and you responded, "Suck it, Daddy" ha ha!! It made me laugh listening to you walking around saying it over and over!

Baby boy, I don't know where the last 18 months have gone but they have been the best of my life. You are my ray of sunshine and I am so thankful that God saw fit to bless us with you. Enjoy the next week or so as an only child I cannot wait to see what an amazing big brother you are going to be when your sister arrives.

Big hugs bugga boo,
Love Mama xx

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