Thursday, June 27, 2013

Needing some Summer Fun!

I have been in people withdrawal since returning from vacation. I loved staying in the villa not just with Jeremy, Levi, but also with my parents and my brother. Not to mention having extended family close by too. There were people around all the time and I loved it - and so did Levi - my mini-me/social butterfly!

Since returning home the weather went from not bad to terrible. Its been wet and windy for a few days now and I am so over it. I am not usually one to complain about the weather but the drastic shift from 80's and sunny to mid 60's and wet is just depressing. Being shut in doors has got old really fast and Levi and I are both going a little stir crazy.

I am so glad I have my driving license [did I mention I passed my test first time? I did it before we left for vacation and things got kinda busy but I took the plunge and did it - and passed! I am still only driving locally on my own or with Levi and taking the wheel with Jeremy in the car to get more freeway practice but it feels so great to cross it off the 'to do' list!] It has given me the freedom to go and visit friends when I have one of those 'must get out of here' afternoons.

Today was a typical example. Levi had slept great last night but only took a 45 minute nap in the morning and was refusing/unable to settle this afternoon. After literally a 2 hour process of me rocking him, giving him time to settle, him rolling around looking like he was asleep and then popping up and running laps in the crib, playful some of the time and sad other times, over and over, I was done.

This kid was not going to settle and I didn't want him to spend the whole day trying.

I was frustrated and tired. I wanted a nap and couldn't take one which only made his boycott even more frustrating!

I packed him into the car and we drove to visit my friend Sarah and her kids who Levi just adores. Of course he was almost asleep in the car on the way but he fought it and we spent an hour or so with them before heading home when he did finally fall asleep after a meltdown. He got in 30 minutes in the carseat after we got home which held him over through dinner and to bedtime. But seriously, the no nap thing is getting old fast.

I look forward to afternoons at the local playgrounds and spray park in the weeks ahead as the weather turns hot again! I have some playdates on the calendar for the next couple of weeks and I am getting myself out there to try and help stop loneliness creep in.Now I don't have school work to keep my holed up during the day, its a new mindset and I want to make the most of the days of summer - sunny or grey!!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

One Sick Mama

We returned from Barbados at midnight on Sunday and finally crawled into bed around 2am. I only managed a couple of hours sleep before Levi was wide awake - having slept pretty much the whole journey home  (the good news of this post!) - So from Monday's exhausting start and Levi's every hour wake up Monday night and pre-5am rising on Tuesday I was already feeling tired but last night I started coughing and feeling kind of crummy. I was in bed before 8pm thinking it was a bad case of jet lag and needing to catch up on sleep. However, when I woke up at 2am to Levi's cries (realising he had slept 8.5 hours - score, but i felt to sick to appreciate it) I realised how feverish and plain awful I felt. I woke J up to take Levi a bottle because I just couldn't haul my heave body up.

I had barely managed to get back to sleep in between because I was hacking up a lung and my head was banding.

Levi went back for another almost 3 hours but then he was up. 5.30am. Know J had to do a full day's work, and the fact that Iw as already awake I got up with him.

I made a cup of tea - curer of all ailments, right? Then I planted my tired cold-filled carcass on the couch under a blanket and let Levi play. Of course he was really enjoying his musical piano which was fabulous fro my head, but he is just so happy banging on the keys and dancing up and down when its playing I didn't have the heart to take it away - that and it was across the room and I certainly wasn't getting off the couch anytime soon so I decided to suck it up and try to rest.

When J came down later he made Levi breakfast which was great but then he left for work. I admit it. I cried. It felt like forever until 5.30pm when he would be home.

I wasn't sure how it was going to be trying to keep up with my very busy and teething (still) boy and try to rest while I felt like death warmed up. More confession, I wanted my Mum. I am rarely sick and I am pathetic. I don't remember feeling this crummy since J and I have been together so he doesn't have a ton of experience of taking care of a sick me. When I was nauseous early in my pregnancy with Levi he was great, but that was a very different type of sick and he wasn't "lovingly" reminding me to wash my hands at the end of every sentence!

I posted on FB
"Embarking on my first really sick mama day. Crazy head cold; feverish, streaming nose, hacking cough, banging headache, ringing ears. and one lively ten month old. I will be on the couch and hoping my little guy goes easy on me and that I don't fall asleep on duty!! Prayers for energy and healing very, very much appreciated. Roll on 5.30pm when Jeremy will be home to take over."

Immediately I began to receive texts and emails offering help with Levi or runs to the store to get supplies for me. I honestly felt overwhelmed with all the love coming our way. My in laws who hadn't seen Levi were the first call to come in and were more than happy to come and watch him for  few hours while I slept. I don't always think to ask for help, but boy, if today taught me anything its that if my friends are sick, I will be offering to help watch kids so they can rest because it felt like the best gift ever!

Levi took two 2-hour naps today so he was on his best behaviour - or jet lagged - or getting sick? (hope not)

All in all, not the terrible, awful, horrible day I was anticipating but I feel gross and am heading o bed as soon as the dinner that J prepared under my instructions from the couch is in my tummy because I am pretty sure I only have about 10 minutes left before this sick body shuts down.

Stay healthy friends, hoping for a good nights rest and some healing to take place while that's going on!

[and no there will not be a photo accompanying this post, it's bad enough I have to see myself in the mirror right now]

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Dear Levi - Ten Months Old

Dear Levi,

We are celebrating your ten month mark in sunny Barbados and your Nana and Grandad could not be more pleased to be here with you.

This has been quite the month kiddo. You went from taking steps to becomming a pretty steady little walker. You even like to try running from time to time but that usually ends up in a face plant. You are just so busy, and have so much to do all the time. You certainly keep us all on our toes.

You are starting to understand so much more of the world around you, following simple commands such as "go get your car" or "pick up your cup" both of which you have done with some encouragement today. However, asking you to "come hear" still seems like a command you don't yet understand, or it's one you chose to ignore multiple times a day - and I have my suspicions.

You still love to play with cars or anything with wheels, pushing them around Brumming away, you even use books or shoes for the same purpose if you can't come across one of your cars soon enough and you are in teh mood to play. Just this week you started to stack your cups too, manipulating the smaller ones inside the larger ones. Daddy was working on that with you and was very proud when you figured it out.

You are still pointer finger happy and love to show us all the tings that are catching your eye. You have become proficient at waving hello and goodbye which is simply too cute for words!

You continue to charm the legs off of anyone who will look your way, grinning with a new scrunched up face smile. Sometimes you act shy and bury your face i my shoulder but only for a second, then its all smiles again.

This month saw you taking your third trip on a plane, your second international adventure - you world traveler you - shame you won't remember any of it! You are certainly busier on the plane but you traveled well and slept a lot even though you were not able to sleep face down like you would prefer until our final flight then there was a spare seat in between us and you crashed out, you made do with snuggling on me and falling asleep while nursing which I confess I loved because I know your nursing days will soon be over.

You love people food so much and continue to expand your repertoire of likes. You have discovered blueberries which I cut in half or quarters and you are a big fan, ad this trip you have found watermelon which has been a huge hit! We learned to have you be nudie except for a diaper when you are feeding yourself so when the juice runs down your arms and tummy we can just rinse you off!

You have loved the pool here on vacation as much as in real life you enjoy your bath. You are a water baby and we love that. Even after your tumble into the pool - Daddy caught you but it was a shock!- you still don't seem to mind the water or getting your face wet. You love to throw things in fromt he side, and you really enjoy splashing.

You are starting to be very opinionated about pretty much everything. It's become quite the battle each diaper change to keep you still and getting you dressed should be an Olympic event. You are so eager to explore the world, you want to know how things work and are still keen to stick your finger in any tiny holes that you come across!

Your sense of humor continues to have us in stitches as you find things funny and want to share the joy with us.

I love you busy boy, Happy Ten Months!

Mama x

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Managing expectations

A wise friend told me that once you have children, you don't "go on vacations" anymore, you "take trips". I think these wise words were passed to her by a family doctor or something after she experienced how tough "vacationing" with a baby can be. As we made plans for this family vacation I held on tight to the truth of that statement as I tried to prepare myself for our first family trip to somewhere sunny.

Memories of sandy beaches and falling asleep in a lounger while reading your favourite book bounce around in your head when you begin to plan a vacation. You get the travel guide and see all the sights you want to explore while you are away, and if you are like my husband you also look up some of the fancy restaurants you want to try while you are in the vicinity...but then reality hits and you remember that you are no longer traveling just with another adult, you are bringing with you your new little person and you need to plan accordingly...and you also have to pack accordingly.

This is where the first hint of reality slaps you in the face. Suddenly you have to think about how the baby will travel once you arrive. You probably need your carseat. Then you probably need a stroller too if you want to take any walks around town once you arrive - right there you are already looking at two things to check at the gate - read lug around the airport. Then, if like us you are going somewhere that doesn't have a crib you have to take a pack and play as a piece of checked luggage. You may be lucky enough that your baby can sleep in bed with you but in our case, our enormous man child has passed the stage where being in bed with us works in anyone besides him wants to get any sleep - He is a bed hog of epic proportions.

We also packed a portable high chair in our checked bags because Levi needs containing at meal times and 2 weeks of chasing him around to eat, while also trying to snatch a bite or two myself as more than I could handle. but we still managed to fit our stuff into 2 suitcases to be checked with the pack and play and 2 carry on bags. I was impressed with our packing, only to be shamed by our friends who managed a cross country trip last year with their baby boy and only took carry on bags. (I am in awe Colgans!)

Still us and all of our bags and parafinalia made it through the airport and we survived the three flights it took - through the night - to get to our destination. Levi did well. He slept a lot. Bully for him. I didn't sleep a wink. Still we landed, and it was hot and sunny. Let the rest begin...

Anyone who has gone on a vacation with a small child or two is probably chuckling now. Because as you know and we soon discovered, as my friends words again rang in my ears - there is no more rest on holiday than at home, just nicer weather (hopefully) and more swimming (probably).

No vacations just trips.

This vacation is sun soaked and beautiful but its work. Levi is still getting up early and more through the night actually because its hot and he is trying to get comfortable in his unfamiliar pack and play. No lazy lay ins happening here. The baby still needs food at regular intervals (which we need to keep track of) and with a new country's foods to navigate, cooking and feeding our little munchkin is definitely work.We have found local pumpkins and okra which I have cooked up and been devoured, we also found,some baby yogurt and some Gerber organics purees at a big grocery store (The fruit purees have been a hit but the veggie ones have not gone over well - they are stage 2 but they are so runny, so I think it is a consistency thing.)

Add to that trying to make sure good naps are taken which has been a fight we have been participating in twice a day to ensure some peace during awake hours. Having Levi well rested is essential to give us the possibility of venturing out of the house especially to restaurants and such, but again, its work and effort, and if I am honest, by the time Levi is in bed at night I quite honestly want to take by sun burnt body and fall into bed myself (I'm burnt because I have remembered to smother my baby over and over again in sunscreen as well as his protective sunhat and UVA/B protected swim wear but forgotten to put anything on me to prevent the redness.)

We are in paradise quite literally. The beauty of this island is breath taking. We have experienced some delicious culinary delights and spent hours in the pool and reading poolside with some fun adult beverages, but most of this happens during nap time. It's much nicer than housework that usually happens then and it is restful and lovely, but when Levi is awake vacation is not exactly restful. We are in the pool with him or chasing him around making sure that he doesn't fall in when he is not supposed to. We are taking trip out to beaches, and seeing sights but in between naps but the heat and humidity means he can get grumpy pretty quickly and keeping hi hydrated and covered up is on my mind constantly. We can and have pushed him a little bit some days but it has to be worth the meltdown that will happen when nap or bed time hits on a van ride home or during a meal at a restaurant (which is inevitable).

We are making some beautiful memories but we daily having to remind ourselves to hold our "restful vacation dreams" lightly to avoid disappointment as we cherish every busy and exhausting parenting moment in the sunshine and hte pool because boy do we have a water baby on our hands!


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