Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Dear Levi - Ten Months Old

Dear Levi,

We are celebrating your ten month mark in sunny Barbados and your Nana and Grandad could not be more pleased to be here with you.

This has been quite the month kiddo. You went from taking steps to becomming a pretty steady little walker. You even like to try running from time to time but that usually ends up in a face plant. You are just so busy, and have so much to do all the time. You certainly keep us all on our toes.

You are starting to understand so much more of the world around you, following simple commands such as "go get your car" or "pick up your cup" both of which you have done with some encouragement today. However, asking you to "come hear" still seems like a command you don't yet understand, or it's one you chose to ignore multiple times a day - and I have my suspicions.

You still love to play with cars or anything with wheels, pushing them around Brumming away, you even use books or shoes for the same purpose if you can't come across one of your cars soon enough and you are in teh mood to play. Just this week you started to stack your cups too, manipulating the smaller ones inside the larger ones. Daddy was working on that with you and was very proud when you figured it out.

You are still pointer finger happy and love to show us all the tings that are catching your eye. You have become proficient at waving hello and goodbye which is simply too cute for words!

You continue to charm the legs off of anyone who will look your way, grinning with a new scrunched up face smile. Sometimes you act shy and bury your face i my shoulder but only for a second, then its all smiles again.

This month saw you taking your third trip on a plane, your second international adventure - you world traveler you - shame you won't remember any of it! You are certainly busier on the plane but you traveled well and slept a lot even though you were not able to sleep face down like you would prefer until our final flight then there was a spare seat in between us and you crashed out, you made do with snuggling on me and falling asleep while nursing which I confess I loved because I know your nursing days will soon be over.

You love people food so much and continue to expand your repertoire of likes. You have discovered blueberries which I cut in half or quarters and you are a big fan, ad this trip you have found watermelon which has been a huge hit! We learned to have you be nudie except for a diaper when you are feeding yourself so when the juice runs down your arms and tummy we can just rinse you off!

You have loved the pool here on vacation as much as in real life you enjoy your bath. You are a water baby and we love that. Even after your tumble into the pool - Daddy caught you but it was a shock!- you still don't seem to mind the water or getting your face wet. You love to throw things in fromt he side, and you really enjoy splashing.

You are starting to be very opinionated about pretty much everything. It's become quite the battle each diaper change to keep you still and getting you dressed should be an Olympic event. You are so eager to explore the world, you want to know how things work and are still keen to stick your finger in any tiny holes that you come across!

Your sense of humor continues to have us in stitches as you find things funny and want to share the joy with us.

I love you busy boy, Happy Ten Months!

Mama x

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  1. Walking at 10 months. Wow!! Glad you are enjoying your vacation.



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