Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Carpet - check. Holidays here we come!

Now I can finally stop blogging about carpet!
After many long hours of painting, ripping out old carpet and hauling furniture (thank you so much to those who helped us) we had our carpet installed last Friday. It looks great, feels wonderful and most of our house is put back together in perfect time for us to decorate for the holidays!! Yay!

I am so excited to make everything sparkly. We bought our stocking holders this weekend all ready to go on our brand new mantel!

Starting to think about Christmas lists, Christmas shopping and other things Christmas-y!! I love giving gifts, and I pride myself in being able to find the perfect gifts for people every holiday, so this is a long thought out process for me. I now have another set of people to find gifts for, and especially a husband! Boys in general are harder to buy for, and Jeremy is no exception. The hardest thing about buying for him is that he has pretty much everything he needs, he is a man of simple tastes and if there are strange gadgets or cords he needs for his guitar or the computer I would have no idea where to start. I have a few things up my sleeve but I hope inspiration will hit while I am at the mall, or searching online!

I just love the look on someones face when they unwrap something they have wanted. That feeling that someone took the time to find the perfect present. I love feeling that way and I love giving the gift of that feeling to others.
Of course, if all of the gifts I bought were for 4 year old girls I could knock it out of the park every time - if it is pink and sparkles it's good!

I am excited to begin new holiday traditions as a couple,and within our community as we celebrate together.

Happy Holidays to you x

Monday, November 9, 2009

And the paint goes on...

We are spending all of our spare time, paintbrushes in hand getting the house ready for the new carpet. I know, I know, i have mentioned this many times before BUT we actually set a date for the install... (drum roll please) Friday November 20th.

I am so excited! We still have lots to do but with the end in sight I know it will all get done. Just as a little colour update we decided on a light yellow for our guest room and a very dark blue almost purple for the other room. We have to decide if we are going to try and paint all the hallway too - and have to finalise the colour for that, but I won't let a crazy week and a half dampen my excitement for our house to be back together.

I realise again that I am very much an example of life reflecting art - when my home is in chaos, my mind has a hard time not being in chaos too. It can be hard to find a place of peace in our house with doors off hinges, dust everywhere, bare floorboards and furniture and stuff everywhere! I think this effects Jeremy even more than myself. He is much more of an introvert than me and gets of restoration from quiet alone time, a rarity at the moment.

As we head towards thanksgiving in a couple of weeks I am more and more thankful and aware of the blessing of our home. I can't wait to be able to use it as a place to welcome people and offer a safe and warm place to come and be known and cared for. I look forward to the times we will share with family and friends within the walls - whatever colour they are!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

One year and counting - I am blessed

The sun is shining and the vibrant reds and oranges of the leaves are made even brighter against the blue sky. It is a perfect fall day, and yes, I have already had my pumpkin spice latte! I also just ate the most delicious satsuma and am still smelling the citrus in the air.

This weekend was really special because it marked one year of my relationship with Jeremy, but it turned out to be so much more than just that celebration, so I thought I would share.

Friday night Jeremy and I went to a housewarming party, thrown by and for my friend Rachel at her new house. I saw lots of good friends, some we haven't seen since the wedding. It is still a struggle for us to know how to best combine our single lives in terms of the friends we have. How much do we continue these friendships as they have been and how much can and should we bring one another into these relationships? Parties like the one on Friday provided an opportunity for Jeremy to be with these people who mean so much to me, for us all to hang out, laugh, share stories and build and deepen relationship. The black lights they had around the house making everyones teeth and the whites of everyones eyes looks really creepy didn't inhibit conversation too much!!

(Because it was SO delicious, I have to make a shout out to the dessert coffee i had at Tutta Bella restaurant before the party. Jeremy had suggested we grab some dessert and it was a rainy night so anything chocolate sounded good, when doesn't it? He took me to my favourite restaurant, shared some gelato and I got the best tasting little cup of yum I have ever tasted; CaffÉ cioccolato, it's a Chocolate latte with Nutella, steamed milk and espresso. Ok, now I am drooling - on with the story, step away from the chocolate day dreaming!!)

Saturday we had planned a work day at the house and we ploughed through painting and carpet ripping up. Jeremy and I really enjoyed working together. Sometimes we just end up snipping at each other when we are tired and the list seems endless but the fun at the party and a good nights sleep set the foundation for an enjoyable and productive work day.

We had some Halloween plans but after we sat down and began thinking about costumes, it was past 8.30pm and we were enjoying the Trick or Treat-ers who were coming to the door. I love living in a neighbourhood! We gave in to our old tired selves and stayed home! We also managed to offload some of our excess wedding bubbles with the candy we handed out. Score!

Sunday was our offficial one year anniversary (even though by about 6 months in Jeremy was wishing me happy month-a-versary on the first of every month!) I'm glad we still have some wedding month-a-versaries left! I can't believe it has been a whole year since we got together. What a year it has been! In some ways it feels like we just started out on this adventure, but in many other ways it feels so natural to be together I can't really remember life without him. We went out to breakfast which was a perfect celebration.

Sunday night I was able to celebrate again, but this time with many special girl friends at my post-wedding, wedding shower. What a great friends, what amazing desserts. I felt so very blessed.

I arrived home pretty late and Jeremy was in bed, but sitting on my pillow was a really sweet card propped against a fluffy and o-so-soft stuffed animal cat. Jeremy can play his cards pretty close to his chest so this was a big deal!

I felt so very blessed. It was a great weekend all around. In fact, great doesn't even come close to covering it. I recognised again the gifts in my live; my husband, my community, my home.

Thank you Jesus. Give me a heart that remains thankful in these times, and when things get hard. Help my to hold loosely to the things of this world and tightly to you.


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