Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Carpet - check. Holidays here we come!

Now I can finally stop blogging about carpet!
After many long hours of painting, ripping out old carpet and hauling furniture (thank you so much to those who helped us) we had our carpet installed last Friday. It looks great, feels wonderful and most of our house is put back together in perfect time for us to decorate for the holidays!! Yay!

I am so excited to make everything sparkly. We bought our stocking holders this weekend all ready to go on our brand new mantel!

Starting to think about Christmas lists, Christmas shopping and other things Christmas-y!! I love giving gifts, and I pride myself in being able to find the perfect gifts for people every holiday, so this is a long thought out process for me. I now have another set of people to find gifts for, and especially a husband! Boys in general are harder to buy for, and Jeremy is no exception. The hardest thing about buying for him is that he has pretty much everything he needs, he is a man of simple tastes and if there are strange gadgets or cords he needs for his guitar or the computer I would have no idea where to start. I have a few things up my sleeve but I hope inspiration will hit while I am at the mall, or searching online!

I just love the look on someones face when they unwrap something they have wanted. That feeling that someone took the time to find the perfect present. I love feeling that way and I love giving the gift of that feeling to others.
Of course, if all of the gifts I bought were for 4 year old girls I could knock it out of the park every time - if it is pink and sparkles it's good!

I am excited to begin new holiday traditions as a couple,and within our community as we celebrate together.

Happy Holidays to you x


  1. I want to experience this carpet for myself!

  2. Anytime, come on over lady...Will I see you tonight? There might be something under the tree for you



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