Sunday, August 21, 2011

Our story so far..

(Most recently updated, Feb 2012)

Recently, I have seen some exciting jumps in the number of hits that the blog is getting. Thank you all for dropping by! I wanted to write a post which gave a basic overview of our story to becomming parents to catch you up on what's happening with us. But first let me introduce myself.

I am Chrissie.

Born and raised in South London until I picked up sticks and headed to Seattle, Washington in 2002.

Married to Jeremy, a born and bred Seattle-ite (I guess I am here to stay!)

Love Jesus with all my heart and try hard to live a life that reflects Him.

My kitchen is my happy place and I love nothing more than creating deliciousness.

Creeping from early-30's to mid-30's too quickly for my liking!

Here is our story to becomming a family of 3...

In Feb 2010 Jeremy I am lost our first pregnancy at 6 weeks. It had been an unplanned pregnancy but the loss cut deep and our pregnancy innocence was taken from us. This loss also made us realise how much we wanted to start a family. That July we began trying again, and couldn't believe it when we fell pregnant right away, but just before six weeks our second pregnancy ended. Our doctor advised us we didn't need to wait to try again and that two early losses didn't mean there was a problem, it could just be bad luck...
In August we were more cautious when those two line appeared on our test, but our tears feel when this pregnancy also ended as it neared the six week mark.

At this time my OBGYN ran a ton of blood work and other tests, and also referred me to a fertility specialist. We have truly been blessed with doctors who have taken time to really try to help us.

Our fertility specialist told us to stop trying while they ran the tests, so we took a couple of months off while we waited.

Tests came back, and everything was ok except hubby's swimmers had a little morphology issue. Our doc was confused because usually with this abnormality, people do not conceive for a very long time, if ever (naturally) but we had not fallen into that category...

Our doctor prescribed Progesterone supplements from 3 days after ovulation until a 14 dpo unless we got a positive in which case we would continue taking it. My levels had been low when they had done blood work during my pregnancies, and she hoped that this could be a simple supplement which could help sustain the pregnancies if they ere viable.

Back to TTC in December 2010, using progesterone for the first time, and this time when we got a positive test we were almost numb, and expecting the worst...which came true at 6 weeks.

At this time our doctor increased the Progesterone dose and we went back to trying. When I took at test at 14dpo in January 2011 there was only one line. It was the first month since we started trying to have a baby that we had not got pregnant. I was honestly in shock.

I reasoned that a month off could be in my body's best interest. But when that first months negative was repeated again and again my resolve to be positive got weaker and weaker. Hoping each month we would get pregnant and that it could be the time that eventually led to our baby was just too hard when our hearts broke a little with each period that showed up.

We set a time line of August 2011, if we had not fallen pregnant by then, we would consider our options and start a new journey, either fertility treatments or adoption.

By the time August arrived, Jeremy and I both felt God leading us down a path towards adoption as a way to build our family. And we began the journey towards a domestic with excited hearts, but open eyes that this will take strength we do not possess on our own. We are living in God's story, and He is writing something unique and beautiful for our family. We know this may take some time but we are willing to wait for the child God has in mind and we are already praying for our baby and for their birth parents. We understand that for our family to be built another person will make the ultimate sacrifice, a selfless act of making an adoption plan for a baby they love but cannot care for, and for that situation we pray because it will take such courage and strength.

....And then in mid November 2011 after a funny feeling, I felt God's urging to take a pregnancy test which I did. Positive. And not only that, when we had blood work, numbers were doubling at a great rate, early scans showed a normal healthy baby growing in me. We are beyond grateful for this precious miracle, and pray God continues to bless myself and the the baby with health. Our due date is August 2nd 2012, and we couldn't be more thrilled or more humbled by the gift we have been given by the God who loves us.

Thanks for stopping by, please leave a comment to let me know you were here.


  1. Hi Chrissie, Returning your comment from ICLW. I loved reading your story, especially since we share that God's "no" in our cases meant "yes" to adoption. And I loved this line in your profile: "The lessons I have learnt and the fears I have faced have brought me into community with many special people." Amen, and a beautiful testimony to God's hand in our lives.

  2. I so appreciate your vulnerability & willingness to share your journey. I know God is doing big, beautiful things as he hand-crafts your family. Lots of love!

  3. I am here. Can't wait to hear your story unfold. Lots of love.

  4. Thank you for sharing - as someone else on the same road, I'll be sending out prayers and pixie dust for all of us!

  5. Love your story! I will be along for the ride!!

  6. All the best for your adoption journey. It really is the most magical and beautiful miracle.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  7. I'm so sorry for your losses. I've only had one loss and that alone was incredibly painful and heartbreaking. I wish you all the best in your adoption journey! Hopefully it will move along quickly and without complication.

  8. I can't imagine how difficult multiple miscarriages must have been for you. Your positivity reminds me that God will give us the strength to make it through the unimaginable!!! Good luck to you! ICLW #7

  9. I'm so sorry for your losses. Praying for you as you begin the adoption process and looking forward to see how God will bless you through it.

  10. Thanks for sharing your journey! Look forward to following your blog and seeing what the Lord does in your lives!

  11. I was hoping to hear more of your story tonight in person, but we ran out of time to connect so it is such a blessing to get a bit caught up with your blog. I will join you in prayer and hopeful expectation of what God has in store for your family.

  12. hi im here from ICLW and am happy to share ur story, at first i suggested adoption but dh wasnt going for it, i wish u all the best in ur search for ur baby

  13. All the best with your adoption journey. We are in the process of an international adoption. =0)

  14. Thanks for stopping by our blog today. Your comment was the sweetest and gave me chills to read about God's work in your lives and the miracle he gave y'all!! I look forward to reading more about your story and following your blog. It's so encouraging to find out Jesus followers out there. PS. My mom is from england too :) Born in trinidad, but grew up in England!!! Congrats on your recent bundle of joy!



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