Monday, August 8, 2011

All God's Children

Please take some time to prayerfully consider this post...

Many years ago, long before I came to Seattle God broke my heart for the orphans in China. I knocked on some doors with organizations going over to work with the orphans, but at the time nothing opened up. Eventually God led me to be Seattle to be part of YWAM here, and one of the major draws for this particular program was that they listed China as an outreach option. (Of course when I arrived, there was not a team going to China that year, but I truly believed that God put that passion in my heart to bring me across the ocean to Seattle)

Anyway, over the years my passions have evolved but there has always been a little bit of it reserved for the orphans of China.

Our very good friends, Tim and Sarah also have a passion for the orphans in China. And in recent years, I have watched the way God has been speaking to their hearts about caring for these little ones. They wanted to do something special for their daughters first birthday in May 2010 and asked party guests to give money to New Day Foster Home instead of gifts. New Day is a very special organization that works to care for China's orphaned and abandoned. Many of the children they care for have health problems and New Day offers care and medical help too. However, they are limited by a lack of funds, and many of the children need surgeries and medical care while they wait to be adopted by their forever families.

Recently, Sarah was a part of a campaign to raise money to send clothes to the girls at the New Day Foster home, such a special gift to give to these little girls and make them feel special and like someone cares.

I got an email from Sarah the other day with another great way to help these orphans. New Day has a fundraiser happening right now for medical treatment for the orphans in their care - and really exciting, that a doner has agreed to match everything that is raised up to $5000!!! This could make a HUGE impact on the lives of these children.

As a rule, I do not post fundraiser on my blog but this is personal to me. As Jeremy and I crunch numbers and refine our budget to finance our adoption in the same way we would have found a way to make IVF or fertility treatment happen, I am very aware of how fiercely I am willing to fight to give my child everything.

In the process of adoption, the reality that every child belongs to God has become even more real to me. And suddenly, every orphan becomes like a child that we could bring into our home, and a little piece of my mama's heart goes out to them and wants to meet their needs. I think this most recent fundraiser, which will bring health, healing and increased quality of life to these little ones really struck a chord with me. If we knew that our child was in need of a surgery we would sacrifice to make it happen, and while we are not seeking to adopt from China, a part of me takes responsibility as a mother to care for them in the small way that I can. In this case that means being able to give to this cause (especially because our donation will be matched!)

I know that many of you, like us, are on a budget. But please prayerfully consider this opportunity to give, even in a small way - remember your gift will be doubled!

I have put links throughout the blog so you can read up on some of the things and people I have talked about. Please do! I am not an advocate for many organisations but New Day Foster Home is a place that I am proud to support because they are being the hands and feet of Jesus to these little ones.

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  1. Beautiful! Thank you for joining us! Those beautiful faces at New Day thank you! Jesus thanks you! and even your own sweet baby that you will be bringing home thanks you! :-)
    Love Sarah



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