Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Overwhelmed (in a good way!)

Wow! Thank you so much! Since our post yesterday, we have been completely overwhelmed by the outpouring of support and love. We are excited to think about how may of you are praying for our family and how incredible it will be for our babies to know how much love and prayer was surrounding them before they were ever officially in our family.

Clearly, it takes a village to adopt a child as well as raise one and we are so thankful for your care and prayers!

We received our initial application today and can start the process of filling that out. It feels real. Daunting and exciting all at once. We are trying to remain sensitive to the Lord's leading at each step. We feel confident is His call but the specifics are all still unclear.

We are dreaming Big Dreams and it's really fun. Over the past year we had lost some of the excitement and stopped dreaming. Having a baby was something surrounded by loss and grief and our hope was fading fast. Dreams and wonderings we once shared aloud, had become too painful to verbalise. We have been given back our dreams, and our conversations have already started up again!

Last night at dinner with close friends, Jeremy was so attentive to their little one. He has always loved their little guy, but something was different last night. I think he was really starting to let himself imagine being a Daddy. It just melted my heart.

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  1. literally crying tears of joy as I get caught up on things going on in your life. I am so excited for you both and will be praying much joy, peace and excitement during this season of anticipation! I can not wait to meet your new little addition when God brings you together - you guys are an inspiration and blessing!



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