Monday, August 15, 2011

Fingerprint Fail

Our adoption paperwork has been plodding along nicely. Timing for classes and such have fallen into place in a way that allows us a pretty quick process so far. And then today happened.

We got our paperwork notarized, got our official bank checks and took it all downtown early this morning to get our fingerprints taken and sent off to be checked by the folks at the FBI. This process takes 8-10 weeks and we wanted to get it started quickly so it would not be the thing that held us up. If there is an issue with your prints they return them and then you have to do them again and wait another 8-10 weeks to see if they pass the next time. I had a friend who's prints failed multiple times before they conceded and retina scanned her or something to prove she was who she said she was and had never done anything terrible (*I am pretty sure she was not retina scanned, that was just added for dramatic effect - I have not idea how she finally satisfied this criteria)

There was a lovely British lady working at the fingerprint counter, that made me feel at ease. However, it didn't seem to help us get good prints.

Sadly, as she rolled my blackened fingers across the card she commented about how flat they were. By the end, she says she is 100% sure they will be rejected. She even attached an official waver to the sheet which pretty much says, "I did the best I could with these dehydrated digits and I know they aren't good but do what you can"

So I asked if I could try again later this week and she said yes. Drink lots of water and use lots of hand lotion and then come back on Friday. So I put a call in to our agency and they are sending another sheet. So on Friday i will head back down and try again. I guess waiting a few more days to try and get a good sample is better than waiting 8-10 weeks to be rejected and then having to do the whole thing over again but I am nervous my prints are just crappy and all my computer typing and stuff has rubbed away the potential for a good set of prints!

It's silly, but not really. If it comes to mind, please say a quick prayer for us that I can get a good set of prints when I go back later this week so we can send off a good set.

Of course, she told Jeremy his set was one of the best she had ever printed.


  1. Whar a bummer! Well, I will say a prayer. I always get that little competitive annoyance when my hubby and I do the same thing which we have no control over and really isn't a competition! Silly, isn't it?

  2. Good luck with your adoption! My hubby and I just got our fingerprints redone for adoption as well and the lady at the counter keeps a *large* bottle of lotion next to her computer just for people like me (and apparently you). Such is life... and better luck next time, I suppose!

  3. I had prints taken a few years ago for getting a job at a daycare. They didn't use any ink on me. It was some special scanner. For me my hands were too moist, kept having to wipe them off and try again and again to get a good set.

    I hope all goes well when they try again for you!!! And grrrr that husband of yours and his perfect finger prints :P



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