Monday, August 1, 2011

It's Kind of a Funny Story

We spent the best part of Saturday soaking up the 80 degree sunshine and laying on the beach. By evening we were wiped and decided to give our Seattle skin a break and watch a movie. Off to Red Box we headed and after scrolling back past the newest releases we found 'It's Kind of Funny Story.'
I didn't have high expectations but I can honestly say it is one of the best movies I have seen in a really long time.
It's a about a 16 year old boy who checks himself into a psychiatric hospital after feeling suicidal. I know, it doesn't sound lighthearted and at it's core there are some big subjects covered but over all it is a beautiful and uplifting story.
There are some very funny moments, you'll laugh. And when the movie is over my spirits were lifted and I was inspired to embrace the life I have and fight to overcome the things that threaten to drag me down.

I would encourage any of you looking for a good movie to end your day to try it out.

I can't help but think how that movie title is so appropriate for so many of our lives. If someone asks me, "How did you end up in Seattle?" I have to start my reply with, "well, it's kinds of a funny story...".

I see God's plans coming to fruition through the wonderful times in my life, and also see him shaping my heart and my life through the trials. My days have not only been full of smiles, but they have held their share of tears too. My life has certainly not turned out the way I would have planned it. I love my life, it's perfect even on days when it is not. But how I got here is still sometimes a mystery. It is so clear to me that my life is a story God is writing. I have decisions to make but truly God is working through me; in and through my decisions he is transforming me, revealing more of himself, and leading me into abundant life.

When I look back of the 'funny story' of my life I can find peace that whatever path we take towards parenthood. We are meeting with an adoption agency tomorrow, with the plan to begin this exciting new adventure as the way we will first add to our family. It's been a decision many years in the making, but we truly believe that this is the step God is asking us to take. We do not know where it will take us, but I am sure one day when we are sitting with our kids and they ask us about how God brought our family together we are going to say, "well, It's kind of a funny story!"

It's exciting to think that our meeting tomorrow may be the prelude to our baby story!


  1. If I were you, I would tell your future family, "It's kind of a magical story." I've been thinking about you A LOT this week!

  2. glad i could be a part of your "funny story". we love red box. have to check that movie out. praying for you today. can't wait to hear what god has in store. love you



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