Sunday, July 31, 2011

Favourable Conditions

It's almost been two years since I officially became a Mrs. This also means that it is almost two years since I applied for my green card. When you apply for a green card based on marriage as mine is, the powers that be consider it conditional for two years - as in, if you are still married after 2 years you can apply have the conditions removed and then you can officially be a green card holder, without conditions.

I got a letter in the mail reminding me that the window to apply for the conditions to be removed is coming up and I need to get on it. It feels like it was only yesterday that we were gathering all this information and putting together our original application. But it also feels like a lifetime ago.

Our application should include pictures of trips we have taken together the past two years as well as holidays celebrated together. It's been a sweet trip down memory lane. But I am excited to be done with it and feel like we can relax, or at least shift our focus to something more exciting - like our adoption!

I guess it is just another chapter in our story - does it seem to anyone else like our story includes more paperwork than the average couple? Maybe it's just me.

So I continue to drink my weight in water and slather on the hand lotion in preparation for my fingerprints and hoping that all this paperwork is worth it. It will be I know, but right now with end of quarter papers due, green card stuff needing to be completed and finally my finger print woes it just all felt like a lot of red tape to fight through to get to live life.

I am trying to find truly give these worries and concerns to God and live in the freedom I know is there for the taking if I can just make time to find it. I know that these things are necessary, and I will celebrate when they are completed, I just need a better attitude to get there!

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  1. I hate when it feels like life requires so much paperwork to live! I do think you and Jeremy seem to attract it more than most ;) Been praying for your fingers!! Print well little ones!



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