Saturday, July 16, 2011

Little did I know!

Little did I know that just moments after I hit 'publish' on the blog yesterday J announced that the date day he has planned was a hike. So much for the lazy day that I was starting to imagine lay ahead!

So we packed snack bars in the camel pack, threw i our sunglasses and our rain jackets and off we went! We headed to Rattlesnake Mountain and walked the trail 2 miles up to Rattlesnake ledge - and then down again. The sun had come out and the weather was perfect for hiking. Warm, but not too warm and sunny but not too sunny. And not raining at all! Perfect.

This hike was so close to the city, I can't believe I have never hiked it before. Not that I am a frequent hiker but still. I admit that even though it was not a long hike, only 4 mile round trip, the hike was not exactly a walk in the park! I am so unfit! It's true that it's not about a number on a scale (which has been creeping again!) but it is about how you feel when you are being active. And it was painful today!! As I puffed and panted up the mountain I resolved once again that I really need to get in better shape. It felt so good to reach the top and was a big relief! The view was amazing, you could see for miles. The sun was shining and we ate our snacks, guzzled water and laid in the sun for a while watching the chip monks running around....before heading back down the mountain. It is so much easier going down!

As we hiked through the trees, looking down at the lake and at the mountains in the distance it took my breath away. Everywhere we looked it was so beautiful. I couldn't help uttering words of thankful praise to God with each step. I felt so glad to be alive. So thankful for the beauty around me. So at peace. When the new heaven and new earth come, how much more amazing is it going to be? I can't imagine, because this heaven and earth is just so beautiful.

Back in the car again, I felt great. I love that feeling you get when you have completed a challenge.

PJ's until noon, and then hiking the PNW in the afternoon. Not a bad way to spend a day. Here are a few pictures.

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  1. Wow, that looks like so much fun! I'm hoping to move up to the area sometime in the not-too-distant future - it just looks so beautiful!



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