Friday, July 29, 2011


Nothing better than that Friday feeling. J has been busy with work lately, and we have been having a hard time getting our schedules to give us good time together.
But tonight, is a much needed date night and even though it is only 9am I am super excited for it.

Even though we see each other every day it can be too easy to go days at a time without really having quality time with each other. We have both felt something missing the past couple of weeks and with a busy weekend ahead, it feels so great to know we have this time set aside to reconnect.

I think I will take the opportunity to dress up pretty...the sunshine makes it much easier to want to put on a dress!

It is good to know that as we approach our second anniversary later this summer, I still get butterflies in my tummy thinking about going on a date with my hubs.

Hope you all have fun weekend plans - Seattleites, looks like the sun will be sticking around - Yay!

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