Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Soap Opera

In the bathroom attached to our bedroom we are lucky enough to have two sinks. Next to Jeremy's sink are his contact lens solution bottles and a green ceramic hand soap dispenser. I do not like said soap dispenser. Firstly, it is just plain ugly - not a good enough reason for J to get rid of it. Secondly, it holds some strange antiseptic smelling neon soap it. And thirdly it leaks, making the once white pump bright orange and sticky orange mess all down the sides and onto the counter.

Anyway, I usually avoid his soap dispenser at all costs and instead take the few extra steps to the Bath and Body Works soap dispenser standing by my sink which is currently holding Midnight pomegranate scented soap - which all manages to stay in the dispenser until you need

This morning however I made a slightly un-nerving discovery. After I brushed my teeth,(which I always do over J's sink because that's where we keep our electric toothbrush plugged in) I managed to get some toothpaste on my hand so after brushing, I rinsed my hand under the tap and pumped to get some soap.


I pumped again. Still no soap.

Then I realised, there is no soap in this dispenser. I haven't used it for months and had a slight memory of having to pump a few times to get soap out the last time. Has he really been out of soap for that long?

I guess he must be reaching over to use my pink, scented soap right?


It is time to retire the nasty green soap dispenser and replace it with one that is A. Full of soap and B. see-through so I can monitor how fast it is getting used up!

Hope you are having a fabulous Tuesday.

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  1. lol! I love this post! Things like this drive me crazy too, and I'm always getting teased for it! lol. It bothers me so much more to go over to someone's house and find that their bathroom has no soap in it OR hand sanitiser! Nasty people.... Last time I went to my sister-in-laws house I brought some hand soap with me and left it on her sink. :)



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