Saturday, July 16, 2011

Camping plans in mid-July? Should have known better!!

It's mid July and we had planned to wake up this morning under canvas after a night of camping. However, the downpour last night and the threat of even more wetness over night and into this morning made us put a pin in our plan. We'll take the pin out at the first hint of warm weather and go, but geesh, you would have thought it wouldn't be too much to ask for a dry day in mid summer, but then again it is Seattle.

So I will stop my complaining at that one paragraph because I do understand that this unpredictable weather is a part of living in this glorious city. It is the price we pay. The mountains, the water, and the green are the positives and the wet weather comes with those. So I will make a cup of tea, read a book and appreciate the home I have to keep me warm and dry.

Our nixed camping plans left us open to take up the invitation to join J's parents, his sister and her fiance at a delicious Thai dinner. Oh my! So tasty and so good to be in the company of family.

We are enjoying the slow start that Saturday has had. J made breakfast, I read, he caught up with the Tour de France. We are starting to think about changing out of our PJ's and into real clothes, but there's no rush! As much as we would have loved to be camping, I confess it's hard to be sad because I really heart lazy Saturday mornings.

Apparently the sun will be making an appearance tomorrow, I'll believe it when I see it. But we have some BBQ plans with friends so I hope it does. It always makes me feel a little bad to send J out to grill wearing his waterproof jacket, hood up!! haha

The only plan we have now is going out to take a walk and find some's a good thing that's something else Seattle does so well!!

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