Friday, July 1, 2011

Hey! Hey! Are you ready to play?

Yes, I am.

School assignments complete and handed in, reading up to date and the sun is shining.
J is out on a bike ride. I need to straighten my hair before I leave the house, but I may take my big strange hair outside onto the deck. Dust off the lounge chairs and enjoy this beautiful day.

Even though Nadal just killed the dreams of a Brit in the Wimbledon final this year, I still think it is highly appropriate afternoon for Pimms.

We will head downtown to meet friends, Josh and Anjie for drinks and more Baseball later. I love a long weekend - even one in honor of American Independence Day. It always seems strange for me to celebrate July 4th, but if it means I get some special time to enjoy with my husband, family and friends I'll take it. And who doesn't love fireworks?! Seriously. It feels strange for me to watch fireworks wearing short sleeves - all those years of watching fireworks in November for Guy Fawkes bundled up and freezing are not easy to push aside!

I might not be 'proud to be an American' but I am proud and blessed to be married to one, and feel extremely lucky to live where I do.

On the subject of countries celebrating, Happy Canada Day to all my lovely Canadian friends!!

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  1. Haha this post cracks me up! Never thought about what an odd thing it would be for you to celebrate July 4th! :)



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