Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Math. Yuck. Babies. Yay.

I started back at community college over a year ago to get a general AA degree. I have some qualifications at this level from England in Early Years Care and Education, but they don't really mean much over here in the land I now call home so I wanted to have something academics-wise to my name.

I tested in with an almost perfect score for English, but at the time I had not had a chance to revise to take the math one so I thought I would just register for English based classes, revise the math for a week or so and then come and take it so by my second quarter I would be free to take whichever classes I wanted.
That didn't exactly happen...
A year later and I am just now doing some online research to find some refresher questions to begin with that can help recover some of the math skills that have been hiding, dormant for about 15 years! Luckily my husband is a whiz with numbers and will be a great tutor.

I had a look back at my post from my first day back at college last year and how proud I felt. I had to give myself that same pep talk this week as I registered for classes, "you can do this".

Originally I started back at school imagining I would be pregnant quickly and that I would take classes as I was raising little ones (you know something to keep my brain active so I could have something more in there than just diapers and baby talk). That didn't happen, well technically it did. The pregnancies came, they just never lasted long enough to leave us a baby.

Now we are on our adoption journey, I am eager to get school out of the way as quickly as possible. I want to be ready to give our baby all the time in the world. Just to sit and rock this precious gift without worrying about assignments being due. I know homework will become insignificant once motherhood is bestowed on me in this way. I have fears about how attachment will happen with our baby, and I want to just be together with no other agenda than to fall in love.

I have another year or year and a half to go for school. It will be a busy, busy time but I am hoping it will help pass the time until we get that life-changing phone call that a birth mother has chosen us to parent her child. I am well aware that I could be well graduated before that happens, but it would be the perfect graduation gift!

Of course we would love to be matched quickly but another part of me would just like to get school out of the way so I can fully embrace everything baby without the nagging feeling that I should be doing homework. Not to mention, I am sure my grades would reflect the sleepless nights that come with a baby!

I wonder what the odds are that we get a baby before I finish my classes? Perhaps if I study hard for the math placement test I will be able to figure it out? ha ha

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Chrissie - I just stumbled upon this, nice to read a little about what you are doing. God works miracles and I'm excited to hear more about your adoption as that progresses!

    Steph Reitmeier

  2. I am sure you will do great in school no matter what! I hope you get a baby sooner rather than later! Have a great rest of your week!

  3. Going back to school sounds adventurous! Hope you enjoy yourself!

  4. Good Luck with school! I think an attachment will be quickly formed. I was shocked at the connection we instantly had with the little one we are hoping to adopt!!



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