Friday, August 19, 2011

Fingerprint news...

Thanks so much for your comments, suggestions and prayers about my fingerprint re-do this morning. I do not have the best news to share. I had a different lady take my prints and she was just not as good. She didn't look at my hands at all before she printed them, I was nervous, so the offer of a paper towel would have been appreciated. The paper was not tight in the holder and I had some boxes filled with JUST smudges, no line at all. Still, before I saw this I asked her how they looked and she said they looked good, "but you never know what will happen when they put them through the machine." No. It didn't fill me with hope. Especially when I then compared them to the first set - and in my humble, untrained eye, they had a much better chance getting an accurate reading from the fist set (which already had it's own excused note from it's mum)

Anyway, I said a prayer and mailed them off. So now we wait those 8-10 weeks and hope and pray that they get a good reading. Please Jesus.
I am fearful that this will be the thing that holds up our process. I DO NOT want to have to re-do them again and then wait another 8-10. Humph, *insert pouty face here.

So that's the update. Praying for a miracle. Both sets of prints to be accepted and approved.

We have an orientation meeting at our agency in the next couple of weeks and then a training day in early September. So that should take my mind off the waiting. I think that having stuff to do is a great distraction. We have been just twiddling our thumbs for so long that filling out forms is actually an enjoyable experience as we can feel as though our time is not being wasted, but actually doing something intentional and will get us closer to starting our family. Guess we are really doing this!! *insert much happier face

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  1. I had to get my fingerprints done for all my immigration paperwork. I was super nervous too because I also did not want them to be rejected. They looked pretty lousy to me and I even asked the lady, "are you sure these are okay? I really don't want them to be rejected." She thought they were fine and I sent them off and it all turned out fine. I'll be praying the same thing for you. :)



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