Wednesday, June 19, 2013

One Sick Mama

We returned from Barbados at midnight on Sunday and finally crawled into bed around 2am. I only managed a couple of hours sleep before Levi was wide awake - having slept pretty much the whole journey home  (the good news of this post!) - So from Monday's exhausting start and Levi's every hour wake up Monday night and pre-5am rising on Tuesday I was already feeling tired but last night I started coughing and feeling kind of crummy. I was in bed before 8pm thinking it was a bad case of jet lag and needing to catch up on sleep. However, when I woke up at 2am to Levi's cries (realising he had slept 8.5 hours - score, but i felt to sick to appreciate it) I realised how feverish and plain awful I felt. I woke J up to take Levi a bottle because I just couldn't haul my heave body up.

I had barely managed to get back to sleep in between because I was hacking up a lung and my head was banding.

Levi went back for another almost 3 hours but then he was up. 5.30am. Know J had to do a full day's work, and the fact that Iw as already awake I got up with him.

I made a cup of tea - curer of all ailments, right? Then I planted my tired cold-filled carcass on the couch under a blanket and let Levi play. Of course he was really enjoying his musical piano which was fabulous fro my head, but he is just so happy banging on the keys and dancing up and down when its playing I didn't have the heart to take it away - that and it was across the room and I certainly wasn't getting off the couch anytime soon so I decided to suck it up and try to rest.

When J came down later he made Levi breakfast which was great but then he left for work. I admit it. I cried. It felt like forever until 5.30pm when he would be home.

I wasn't sure how it was going to be trying to keep up with my very busy and teething (still) boy and try to rest while I felt like death warmed up. More confession, I wanted my Mum. I am rarely sick and I am pathetic. I don't remember feeling this crummy since J and I have been together so he doesn't have a ton of experience of taking care of a sick me. When I was nauseous early in my pregnancy with Levi he was great, but that was a very different type of sick and he wasn't "lovingly" reminding me to wash my hands at the end of every sentence!

I posted on FB
"Embarking on my first really sick mama day. Crazy head cold; feverish, streaming nose, hacking cough, banging headache, ringing ears. and one lively ten month old. I will be on the couch and hoping my little guy goes easy on me and that I don't fall asleep on duty!! Prayers for energy and healing very, very much appreciated. Roll on 5.30pm when Jeremy will be home to take over."

Immediately I began to receive texts and emails offering help with Levi or runs to the store to get supplies for me. I honestly felt overwhelmed with all the love coming our way. My in laws who hadn't seen Levi were the first call to come in and were more than happy to come and watch him for  few hours while I slept. I don't always think to ask for help, but boy, if today taught me anything its that if my friends are sick, I will be offering to help watch kids so they can rest because it felt like the best gift ever!

Levi took two 2-hour naps today so he was on his best behaviour - or jet lagged - or getting sick? (hope not)

All in all, not the terrible, awful, horrible day I was anticipating but I feel gross and am heading o bed as soon as the dinner that J prepared under my instructions from the couch is in my tummy because I am pretty sure I only have about 10 minutes left before this sick body shuts down.

Stay healthy friends, hoping for a good nights rest and some healing to take place while that's going on!

[and no there will not be a photo accompanying this post, it's bad enough I have to see myself in the mirror right now]

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