Monday, February 3, 2014

37 weeks, sick baby boy and Superbowl!

First of all, I would be remiss not to mention the fabulous events that unfolded last night when our Seattle Seahawks scored a very convincing win [read blow out] over the Denver Broncos to become the Superbowl 48 champions!! Thankful to be here in Seattle to witness the build up to the game and the fun of celebrating this win!

Levi is on day three of a nasty cold/cough along with a fever that could have been a part of the cold, or a part of the crazy teething he is also experiencing. He has been miserable; barely eating, barely sleeping - that's all of us not just Levi - super snotty, can hardly keep his eyes open most the time its pathetic to see him. It's also exhausting to care for him.

He is an emotional disaster. He cannot be told no without dissolving into a pile of tears than ends up with him face down on the floor where he lays for longer than usual because I think his energy supply is so depleted he doesn't have energy to spring back up! He doesn't understand that his little body needs to rest and keeping him still is a challenge. We have been watching way too much Thomas the Tank Engine, and spending more time that I want to admit looking at old videos of him on my phone but he is happy to snuggle. In fact, I am not excited about the fact we have to break these habits after the sickness is done (although in this moment I feel as though its never going to end!)

We have been going to bed between 8 and 9 and often end up with Levi in with us before 10pm...I can't remember the last time Jeremy and I had a full conversation beyond sharing about our day because we just don't have the time - and recently I began to have soem anxiety about that as I realised that with baby girl on her way life is about to get even more full.

I am hopeful and prayerful that with the end of this illness Levi slips back into his good and improving sleep habits. Our bed is only so big and I don't want the babies waking each other up - well, I'm ok with them waking each other up, I am not so excited about either of them waking me up :)

It's 8pm, I guess I need to start getting ready for bed - maybe some ice cream first? - the baby wants it, what can I do?!

And here we are 37 weeks pregnant. It feels like 47.

My NST today showed some contractions which could be nothing, but could be something. The doctor told me it shows I am doing too much. I also have to go for another scan this week to check her growth since she was measuring small last week and they want to make sure it was simply because they couldn't get a good reading of her head - which they couldn't and would totally explain the situation but as with all things baby they want to check it out and make certain. I'm ok with that. Better safe than sorry.

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