Tuesday, January 28, 2014

36 weeks...still pregnant

My feet are the size of balloons. Overnight they can get back to their normal looking selves but after just  getting up to use the bathroom and brush my teeth and they are swollen. I know this is a normal and common pregnancy symptom especially this late, but I never really dealt with it with Levi until after his due date and even then not to this extent.

I am getting more and more tired with every passing day and Levi seems to be getting busier :)

I am so thankful to family and friends who continue to support me and our family in this season.

Baby girl continues to be a mover ad a shaker. She is head down so I am experiencing kicks in the rib cage for the first time also - Levi was transverse until right at the end and I got all his kicks in a totally different place. Ouch! Now, I know what all you ladies are talking about!

At our scan this week however, her growth rate had slowed which isn't necessarily a bad thing but its something they want to monitor closely. She and I passed all the other standard tests they did and her fluid levels are great so its nothing to freak out about (yet). My doctor did say that sometimes it's simply an inaccurate measurement taken during the scan that can make it look way worse than it is. Because her head is so far down in my pelvis is was hard for them to get a good scan picture so I am hopeful that that is all it is, but it is a little worrying all the same. I jut want her to be healthy!

We are also in the middle of a bathroom remodel project that we want to complete before she arrives so as much as I want to have this baby, I want to have a working toilet and sink at the very least before that happens! The tiles on the floor are done (almost) so this weekend we can start to put things back in there.

I truly feel as though each day I wake up unsure of how I will make it to bedtime. I am napping through Levi's naps pretty constantly these days to get a little more sleep but it doesn't make up for nights disturbed by getting up to go to the loo, hip pain, and Levi being unsettled - I am so excited for his teeth to come in but the bulging gums are sure taking their sweet time to pop out those pearly whites.

I am trying to plan to do things that allow Levi to run off energy but he likes me to play with him so at the play gym he wants me close by to shoot hoops or lift him up to get on the slides and other play equipment. At home, being in the back yard, he runs around and digs in the dirt. The fresh air seems to agree with him but it's still a lot of effort to get him bundled up and then unbundled and washed clean once we are done.

I am not sure if all the lifting of Levi will mean she might make her appearance even earlier than we have planned but I am becoming less and less opposed to the idea as each day passes. My sweet hubby has a business trip next week for a couple of days and I am terrified that she will decide to come while he is gone - he promises he ca get back quickly if needed!

I feel as though I have so much to say; so many thoughts running through my mind about all kinds of things, but at the same time I have no energy to really form thoughts beyond surviving the next few weeks until the baby is in my arms. 

Ok, off to bed. Goodnight!

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