Saturday, January 11, 2014

Dear Levi - 17 months old

Dear Levi,

You are such a little man these days. No longer my baby - I think when you can ask to pretend to be the baby and want to be rocked it means you are officially old enough to be classified as a toddler. Sigh.

Your words continue to come at a pace that astounds me. I can no longer list your vocabulary because its increasing every moment.

You have started to request to be picked up by saying, "hold you" and saying the same when you want to hold something we have, such as our phones. You are also excited to have our full attention and when you are throwing a basketball into a hoop or doing something else you consider note-worthy you will call out across the room "watch you" to make sure every adult is watching you :)

Speaking of basketball, the hoop you got for Christmas from your Grandparents continues to be a favourite toy. You can even make baskets with all kinds of balls, you have certainly be practicing hard :) You have quite the arm.

Ball sports are your favourite (Football, basketball, baseball) - and they change day to day as to which ranks highest. You have started taking the inside of kitchen paper rolls and instead of them being trumpets they are now baseball bats. I see broken windows in our future as you hone your skills :) As much as you are loving football and basketball on the television I know that baseball season will be a thrill to you too. You also argue with us about your broom which you sometimes want to use as a bat.

"That's your broom"
"no, bat"
"It's a broom, can you sweep?"
"No sweep! (scowl) Bat!"
"But it's a broom"

I give up.

You are starting to get a sense of self, you refer to yourself as "Lovey"  - I guess it's close to Levi, but it can get confusing as you play because you still call your loveys, "Lovey" too. You have started to do much more imaginary play, where your stuffed animals take turns throwing balls or hitting with your toy hammer, even taking bites of food or sips of drink (that can be messy). Its sweet to see but you can get frustrated when you ask us to give soemthing to "Lovey" and we try to give it to you - or to your Lovey - and you mean the other :) Thanks for showing us grace as we try hard to understand you ;)

You are also starting to get much more opinionated about life in general. You are no longer my happy cart rider at the store, you are standing up every few minutes and fussing to get out. Not exactly handy...You have also started to have a voice in what you want to wear, specifically in the sock area. You have a few pairs you really like to wear and if they are available/visible, and you make your voice heard. Your favourites are the penguin pair I picked up at the dollar bin at Target for your stocking and a bright, bright green pair that match exactly none of the clothes you own.

As frustrating as this can be at times, I know it is a part of you growing up and I am embracing the opportunities to shape and mold you in those tough moments - just as you are shaping and molding me all the time.

You may be more fussy and throwing more tantrums than previously but you are also laughing so much more and have become great company too. Your sense of humor is developing in a way that shows how easily you find the funny side of life. Your laugh fills our house all the time and it brings such joy to my heart to hear you.

You are starting to use a spoon at mealtimes with enough skill to get food in your mouth - even though you still ask for help when you are tired, or maybe just lazy :) This month saw you experience your first tummy bug which in turn led to us eliminating bottles from your life. You still drink milk. Maybe more than the average bear at this point, but you have it in a sippy cup as a part of meals or snacks.You haven't asked too much about it and I am glad it hasn't seemed to be too traumatic. I was worried because you were pretty attached. I am glad you still snuggle when you are having snack time.

Now we just have to work on that settling to sleep by yourself thing. Your separation anxiety and "mummy only" opinion have continued into this month but we re hoping that we can work something out anyway :)

Thank you for bringing so much joy into our lives. We love you so much.

Mama x

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