Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Happy 'Scheduled C-section Day' Baby Girl!

Introducing our daughter, Nora Grace.

She couldn't wait until our scheduled C section - that should have taken place this morning - instead, I began to have contractions last Thursday that got stronger and stronger until on Friday morning y doctor decided to move our surgery forward to that afternoon.

Our Valentine's baby.

Our sweetheart.

It is taking longer to recover from surgery this time. A planned C-section uses a different anesthetic so I am not sure if that has anything to do with it but once I started to get up and mobile things have started to feel more hopeful!

Nora has been a dream so far. She has her days and nights a bit confused but otherwise she's just a doll.

She nursed feverishly the first night she was born, all night - she didn't get the memo about how all babies sleep their first 24 hours - all she did was feed and poop. I was laughing so hard as Jeremy over and over again, sigh as we heard her fill a brand new clean diaper thirty seconds after she had been changed. I think the fact that we were both so tired from literally having no sleep through her first night of life that we had to laugh otherwise we would have cried! Finally at around 6am she crashed hard and so did we until around 8am when the nurse came in to check our vitals.

After two nights in the hospital, we came home and have started to work on getting back to real life. Levi has adjusted well so far. He likes to hold and kiss Nora for very short moments and keeps wanting her to play basketball or ride n his bike. We remind him that she is too little and he moves on to something else but I am already exited for them to be playmates in the future.

For now we are just loving on our little girl, in awe of God's goodness in our lives and of his abundant blessings. We are so very in love with our tiny little lady.

Here she is newly out, and meeting her brother who was checking out fingers and toes. Lastly, here she is from today at her first Dr's appt. this morning - Current weight 7lb2oz and getting cuter every day :)



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