Monday, February 10, 2014

38 weeks, the countdown begins

I am officially at the point in pregnancy when instead of the happy smiles and excited "when are you due?" questions from strangers, I am getting the "I'm so, so sorry you are so huge" sympathy looks.

My waddle this time around is epic. Levi never dropped this low but at the moment I am walking like a weeble - only I am not convinced one day I won't fall down.

I measured my belly the other day, which I did a bunch with Levi and have resisted this time, 44.5 inches - and growing! I am so itchy as the skin on my belly stretches beyond I thought possible. She has to come out soon, right?

We are almost done with our bathroom remodel  - just a few last minute touch ups and then the fun decor part which I love :) Also, I am excited for my parents to arrive later this week, it's been too long since we have all been together without a computer screen in between us. Levi keeps saying, "Nana, Gramdad, airplane" but I am not sure he gets it at all. I am sure he'll be excited when they are actually here.

I can't believe that its all happening so fast. Baby girl will be here before we know it. Its more exciting than waiting for Christmas :)

We did some last minute baby supply shopping yesterday and have her dresser/change table set up in our room with a few little things to quiet the nesting instinct in me and hopefully help our baby girl feel as though she has a place of her own! However, with Levi still struggling at night as much as he is through all the sickness recently and ending up in our bed, I am not sure how we will all fit in our bed after she arrives. It will be cozy!  But some of our sweetest moments as a family have happened as we wake up slowly together and snuggle reading books or playing silly games. I am looking forward to continuing this tradition with our sweet girl adding to the fun.

For now, the belly continues to grow and move all. the. time! As does he big brother. Life is uncomfortable and anxiety ridden, exhausting and wonderful all at the same time.

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