Wednesday, February 5, 2014

In the waiting

Another post brought to you from my bed - and it's not even 9pm yet. I'm exhausted.

Jeremy is out of town for a few days and his parents are here to help out with Levi so I can keep my feet up and keep these early contractions to a dull roar. I am praying baby girl decides to stay put until Daddy returns. Tomorrow we have another scan and another time of being monitored to see if I am contracting. I'm excited to see her again and know she's doing ok in there.

As I put Levi down for his nap today, we read stories and then I rocked him in my lap in the rocker, singing Amazing Grace and the praying over his sleeping and for healing from this nasty cough and cold that seem to be hanging around. I opened my eyes to see his prefect little face, peacefully sleeping and I couldn't help shedding a tear - or a hundred of them. It was such a sweet moment with my baby. A moment that will be changing forever after his sister arrives. I wont have the luxury of reading and rocking for a half hour before he falls asleep at nap time. We won't get to chat about our morning before he closes his eyes, I won't get to laugh about the cute things he remembers and the darling little phrases he uses to share his thoughts before sleep.

Levi is also really struggling at night with sleep. I am not sure what happened to our good little sleeper. But add on the cold/cough and his crazy teething and the past few nights have been ridiculous. Last night was the worst. Teeth are to blame I am 100% sure but he was hysterical and noting would pacify him. He was half asleep and confused and thrashing around. It was horrible. Not to mention, I had been having some pretty regular contractions and was starting to worry they were more than just Braxton Hicks so I felt tired and helpless and all of a sudden super anxious about how we would handle a similar night with an infant at home too.

I am so, so thankful that my husband is so willing and capable to take control of situations like that when necessary. I know that together we would get through it. But I am hoping that the teething will be done before she arrives - wishful thinking maybe but I can't help thinking they must be cutting soon. My poor sweet boy, I feel so bad for him.

I know I have asked for prayer from others about his sleep but I don't know that I have really pestered God about it myself too often. That's about to change! I need one of my kiddos to be sleeping :)

So I need to sign off and get some shut eye in case boo is up soon and seeking snuggles. I am on solo parenting duty on the night shift but honestly, when J is away I care much less about having Levi in bed with me. I think its because when it's just the two of us I have much less chance of being kicked in the head :)

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  1. You'll do great when little sister comes. You might not be able to cuddle & chat every day like you do now, but those times will still come when she's asleep and he's cuddly. You'll have a new normal, but when it comes you wouldn't want to change it for anything. You're doing great, she's almost here! (but not until Jeremy gets home)



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