Friday, July 15, 2016

Dear Hazel - Two months old

Hazel Marie, Hazey girl, or Levi's nickname for you, Haze,

You have been here for two whole months, that's crazy! Where are the days going?!

You are such a sweetheart and your smiles and chatter are so precious to wake up to and make the early starts something to (almost) look forward to :)

Your hair is still looking pretty red and your eyes have stayed steel blue. You are a beauty.

You spend most of the day sleeping and eating, but you are so awake during your alert time. You are starting to enjoy being on the playmat and kick your legs with excitement and you smile and chatter to the baby you see smiling back in the mirror.

You are holding your head up with great skill now, and when we carry you, you are busy looking around and taking in the world around you.

You sleep well at night time only getting up once usually and I am truly grateful, we might even have to put up your crib soon so you can have a safe space to lay during the day. You have a much harder time sleeping during the day for any length of time at home, but you manage ok in your car seat. Your siblings cannot walk by you without kissing you or hugging you, even if you are trying to sleep! You are very gracious with them usually giving them smiles for a while before you get fed up.

You are a constant drooler and have your hands in your mouth all the time, sucking on your fingers, I think once you find your thumb there will be no stopping you.

Your little tummy is still having a hard time with some of the things I am eating and you can toot like a grown man which makes us all laugh. All apart from you, you are uncomfortable but after you have relieved yourself you always smile.

You have started to grip things with your fingers and I love seeing your hand wrapped around my finger. You like to hold tightly and have me pull you to sit up. You are very proud of this new skill and it often ends in big smiles.

You are now fitting 3 months clothes but I don't think you will be for much longer. You are a long little lady and I think we will be moving up a size soon for much of your wardrobe,

You are liking the carriers and the sling which is great so I have hands for taking care of the others at the same time as you. I  like to feel you breathing as you sleep snuggled close to me, and looking down to see the top of your head, feeling the softness of your hair on my skin. It my fave too and I am so blessed you like it.

You are easy going and laid back. You are fascinated by your siblings but not afraid to make it known when you have had enough of their kisses and attention. I am excited to see how your relationships grow and form as you grow up together.

We love you so much baby girl, please stay little for a little while longer :)

Mama x

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