Thursday, March 2, 2017

Dear Nora - 3 years old

Nora girl,

Happy third birthday.

How quickly the years have passed. I am not sure when you turned from that scrunchy faced little baby to the beautiful little girl you are today, but as I look at you quietly crafting, or playing imagination games; shopping around the house with your baby and your cart, or singing in your band, it almost takes my breath away. You are amazing and while I am not sure how we got here, I am beyond thankful for you and it's thrilling to see all you are becoming.

You are certainly a challenge as your independent spirit emerges more and more and your ability to do all you desire on your own is not always where you want it to be. So frustrating! You are learning to use words to explain your frustrations but find it hard to accept help when you are so desperate to do it yourself. I try to employ a softly softly approach and let you ask for help when you get to that place but its so hard to watch you struggle through this crazy time of life.

You are still taking your Music Together music class once a week with teacher Miss Sarah and recently you have been participating more and more in class and singing your little heart out. You love to wear your floaty dresses and skirts so you can twirl away to the music and you are getting really good at echoing back rhythm patterns and singing in key - you must get that from your Daddy! ha ha! It's a highlight of your week and you especially enjoy when Grandma takes you and you go and get a croissant and chocolate milk at Starbucks afterwards. I think you love sharing your special class with Grandma who is a favourite of yours too.

You have some crazy crafting skills little lady, you have been able to use scissors proficiently for a while now and sit for hours cutting out and sticking and punching shapes and drawing and painting. Your creations have taken over the house and while you need to be convinced to ever use the back of a piece of paper of one that has a small rip or is imperfect in another minute way, you certainly enjoy the creative process and it's so fun to watch your skills growing. You are beginning to draw people and objects which are easy to recognise and you really enjoy someone sitting and drawing with you. With so many little ones to take care of I wish I had more time to just sit and create with you but I treasure the time we do share.

You are doing a great job at settling yourself to sleep at night after mummy and Daddy say goodnight and you sleep most nights straight through in your own room. We are very grateful! You haven't napped consistently for about 6 months but maybe once a week you just cant fight the afternoon tireds and give in to sleep. It seems to catch you up enough for the next week or so but it reminds me that for all the ways you are growing up, there are still some ways you are so small.

You love to play make believe. You play house with your babies and the play kitchen and enjoy playing withe the shopping cart picking up your extensive list from around the house. When things start to go missing I often have to seek out a grocery bag that's been left in the playroom full of randomness.

You love to "wash a show". You are a slight telly addict so we are trying to help you have good boundaries but you love Paw Patrol and also most everything brother watches but you make it clear if something is too "cary" and you hide in the kitchen, half watching from behind the island! ha ha

You are very much still our water baby and even though taking all of you swimming in a pool is not something we have figure out doing regularly, you get to be in the hot tub a lot and considering how big you are it probably feel pool-like. You wear your puddle jumpers but are very comfortable without them - too comfortable really, and swim lessons are certainly in your near future!

You have been toilet trained for over six months and do a pretty good job at not having accidents but its hard for you when you are focused on something and suddenly HAVE to go. You are very independent in the bathroom though, of course.

You have an opinion about your clothes (about everything, really) but it leads to some fabulous outfit ensembles! ha ha

You are starting to get much more confident on your balance bike but you want to be whizzing around like your brother so you have even started trying to use the peddle bike but you are more cautious and intentional so you are building up comfort level on it. I am sure that this coming summer you'll take off when you have the opportunity to be out on it much more.

You are kind and so very tender hearted, still bothered by other peoples upset and even though you and your brother fight you are always the first one trying to make him happy if he is upset.
You are so very funny too, and take delight in laughing at your own silliness. Its a beautiful thing to hear.

You are a spicy, whirlwind and at the same time painfully shy. You are a cutie with a laugh that is contagious. You love your Daddy a lot. And you have done a great job adjusting to being a big sister, even though its hard to share mummy sometimes.

I hope you will always want to paint your nails with me, or be my sous chef for dinner. My precious girl, I love you so.

Happy birthday

Mama xx

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