Sunday, February 21, 2010

Wedding Blessing

On February 20th Jeremy and I were able to have a wedding blessing at my home church in England. It was a really special time to connect with family and friends who were not able to attend our ceremony last summer. It was almost 6 months to the day that we were originally saying, "I do" - where has the time gone?

As Jeremy and I have journeyed as husband and wife these past 6 months we have walked through some incredible days as well as some challenging ones. We have let down the walls around our hearts, we have loved and been loved deeper than ever before. We have faced house re-modelling head-on and survived, we have sailed through 2 weddings! We continue to navigate around making time for one another and making time for ourselves but we are finding our groove. We have celebrated Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, birthdays, Valentines Day and for the most part our expectations have been recognised, voiced, discussed and met in a way that made these times really special.

We continue to walk through the emotions of losing the pregnancy but I believe it has made us stronger. Sharing something like this has taken our bond to a deeper level somehow. When it is something so big that just the two of you share it connects you.

It felt really special to be reminded of the vows we have made and commit to them again. Now we are six months into our marriage we have a much greater understanding of what we are really committing to! When we hear again that we vowed to love when we are proud and disappointed in the other I am sure specific events are coming to mind for both of us when that vow has been a choice we have had to make to keep. Or when we vowed to support each others goals and dreams we think of the sacrifice that we may have to make to keep that promise.

Yesterday, I felt more confident than ever in my decision to commit to being Jeremy's wife. As we made our promises again I was more and more excited to discover what God has in store for our lives. It was such an honour to share this event with so many family and friends who could not make it to Seattle. We feel truly blessed to have had this opportunity.

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