Thursday, February 24, 2011

Accessorizing the outfit

The other day, while watching some SATC re-runs I heard a line that has stuck with me. One of the ladies said, "Sometimes we have to play the hand we've been given and accessorize the outfit we've got."

I love that. Sometimes we just have to accessorize the outfit we have...or to make it relevant, make the most of every opportunity we have in life. This week I have been taking to heart my word of the year, intentionality. I have seen God moving my heart towards more intentionality, making me more and more dissatisfied with the status quo, and inviting me to make more of the life I have.

So this week I hit my limit. My limit of excuses for embracing life the way I need to. My limit of waiting for a baby for our life to begin. My limit of letting fear define my decisions. I stepped up. or out. Into a place I where I was not comfortable. But in the newness of productivity and the space that I created to live fully, I found that spark. The one that lights a fire underneath you and spurs you on. I have missed that feeling. I think I lost it about a year ago when our world got turned upside down, and everything that seemed important suddenly lost its meaning and was replaced by powerful desires that has been sleeping.

I have missed waking up in the morning and recognizing the person in the mirror. Where did I go? I know that this year has been an important part of my journey and in many ways I wouldn't change it. I am realising that while I am beginning to feel alive again. I am not back to feeling like 'my old self' I guess that person has morphed. Not gone, but changed.

So instead of mourning the person I used to be, I am being intentional to embrace the me I am today. This is the life I have been given, and I must be intentional to really see what I have!

My scrapbooking is one of the first things that has come back into the picture with all the intentionality that has been going into getting homework done on time! This is the state of my living room! Can you see the spot where I have been sitting?! ha ha

Another joy has been having time to read - for fun! J and I are reading a marriage book with some of our friends, and we get together for dinner once a week to talk about it. Sweet times.

And tonight, I am sitting infront of this...

In a Bellingham hotel room, with this view...

I am here for a lovely night away with J. Life is good and I am going to accessorize the heck out of this outfit - and it's going to be fabulous!


  1. I LOVE that saying! Thanks for sharing it Chrissie! So happy that you're finding YOU again. Isn't it easy to get lost in our circumstances and let them define us? Hope you're having lots of fun at your overnight! What a beautiful view...

  2. the was fabulous!



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