Thursday, January 3, 2013


Levi has officially become a roller. He no longer lays on his back for any length of time before flipping over. However, he has not figured out how to roll back again from his tummy to his back and this causes problems. He gets frustrated and cries out, sometimes in anger and sometimes in fear or frustration. I can see in his face that sometimes he's just not sure how he gets back in the same position again and again!

I am so proud of my boy, and enjoy that he is now exploring the world but I confess that after the thirteenth flip over/meltdown cry in a ten minute period the shine wears off. I lose patience. I want him to just figure it out already.

In that moment of frustration yesterday I said to him, "You did the same thing just now why is it so hard to figure out that it's not where you want to be?" Slap in the face. As my words hit my ears I suddenly understood in the smallest of ways what it must be like for God to watch me stumble through life.

I fall into the same temptations and deal with the same struggles over and over again. I end up crying out for his help to get me back on track with where I want to be...and where he wants me to be too. His grace covers  me. Again and again when I cry out, he answers me in love. I am so thankful for His constant and Sovereign hand in my life.

So as Levi flips onto his belly and cries out for the fourteenth time I smile to myself. I show him (again) how he can roll back over. I stroke his face and tell him that he will get it one day, and until then I will be there to roll him back when he needs my help.


  1. You have an advanced little guy, most babies go belly-to-back first since it's considered "easier". He's going to be one smart cookie.

    Another possible perk, he might start flipping over & sleeping on his tummy soon (it's generally considered safe once they can do it on their own), and babies TEND to sleep better on their tummies. ...I think my baby will sleep on her back (in 2-hour increments) forever!

  2. Belly time was never a favorite for Addie. Ian didn't mind it so much, but I wouldn't say he loved it either. But rolling is a wonderful sign that he is going to be a mobile, active baby! The best kind of baby!

    Here is the link to the online Bible study I was talking about the other day. My leader said to go onto the "Message Board" tab and you can register for a group there. Hope this helps!



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