Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Life rolls on

I am halfway through this quarter of school and so far I am getting good grades and staying on top of assignments. I wish that I had taken an extra class here and there so I was already done with school but you know, shoulda coulda woulda. This is the situation and as my word of the year pronounces, I will (God willing) conquer it!

I have another target in my sight to conquer this year - actually in the first part of the year, and that is to get back to my pre-baby weight. Actually. I want to get back to wedding weight. The miscarriages did a number on my body and with each one a few more pounds found a permanent home. I didn't diet before my wedding, I was just at a steady weight and I would like to be back there. That means that I have between 15 and 20lbs to get rid of. We have a sunny vacation on the books for June and I would love to reach my oal by then. I found an eliptical for a stupidly low price on Craigslist after the new year and I have been trying to make time to get on it fro 30 minutes a day...this week I have actually managed it! I hate the part of exercising that means getting my bum off the couch after a full day of mummy-ing but I LOVE the feeling I get about 5 minutes in and how it makes me feel when I am done. It gives me so much more energy too. I wish I could find time to do it early morning but for now it works to do it when J first gets home. He gets his good time with the baby before bedtime and I get my "me" time. I also manage to get some reading in for my class which is truly killing 2 birds with 1 stone. Love to multitask when possible.

Life is busy. But let's be honest, when I'm busy I am way more productive. Idle hands being the devils play-things and all that good stuff. It's certainly true for me. I like to be busy. But I don't like to be too busy. It's a hard balance to find and I don't think I always do very good job at finding it a lot of the time but now with Levi here, I try to be better. I don't want to miss a beat of time with him. 

He continues to get cuter every day and is growing like a weed and learnin new things every day. It's crazy, and I feel as though if I blink I will miss something.

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