Sunday, February 3, 2013

SuperBowl 2013

Happy Super Bowl Sunday everyone! We were a family of recovering sickies so we didn't pursue any Bowl party festivities and instead we stayed home and kept it very low key.

We went to church this morning and even put Levi in the nursery for the first time. He did great, Mr. Social was quite happy to entertain and be entertained by pretty much anyone. It was actually really nice to be able to listen to the sermon without distraction. On the way home we did our weekly grocery shop which included a bucket of wings and some celery. We might not have been up to Bowl parties but we could manage Bowl food :)

The wings were delicious. Messy ad sticky and got everywhere and delicious. And the perfect match for the game.

Before the game started I was able to finish my reading for homework and during the game I managed to finish the essay that was due today. I did re read it after the Ravens victory to make sure no football lingo had snuck in while I was multitasking.

It's low-key family full weekends that make my heart so full, but life can make my heart so heavy at the same time,

The past weeks have held some huge sadness and loss for some friends of mine. Sometimes the weight of their pain is so heavy to even try to understand. It can make me feel guilty to feel so content and so happy while they are hurting. Life is full of joy and pain and the true ystery is being able to hold both in your hands at once.

This low-key weekend served as a reminder to be thankful for all I have been given, and not take it for granted. It is a lesson that I keep being reminded of over and over but such an important one all the same. The snuggles with J watching a movie, the smiles from Levi when we picked him up from nursery, his giggles as he bounced his little heart out in his jumper, the deliciousness of chicken wings...such bounty. So much to be thankful for.

P.s. Did anyone else cry as much as I did at the commercial with the horse returning to his owner? It was Blubber city over here!

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