Sunday, February 17, 2013

He heard my cry

This morning we had Levi dedicated at our church. It was a beautiful moment. Hard to believe it was actually happening.

We had sat at church watching families dedicating their children to the Lord for years and wondered if and how we would ever have the opportunity to be standing there ourselves.

We were in the same building when we responded to a call to come forward and receive prayer as part of a service on infertility and our pastor and others prayed that God would make our lives fruitful, that he would be faithful to us in our pain and that one day he would grow our family in some way in His perfect timing. At the time we were feeling pretty dry in our faith and struggling but God renewed us.

He sustained us and gave us hope.

And then he blessed us with our son.

It was an emotional day for me. For all of us. We looked out into the congregation and saw the faces of so many family and friends who celebrated with us. People who had prayed with us and for us, who had comforted and loved us as we struggled through miscarriage after miscarriage and then who were so happy for us when we began the adoption process. The same people who then cried tears of joy with us when we announced our miracle pregnancy.

We are truly blessed. We dedicated our baby to the Lord, recognizing that he is a gift from God and that we need the prayers and support of our faith community to raise him well.

Tonight as I rocked Levi to sleep I felt so very thankful. For him and for the community we are a part of. I love sharing life, the hard parts and the celebrations with such true friends. We are truly beyond blessed.


  1. Yep tear jerker this morning for sure!

  2. Tear jerker!! So glad you have such a wonderful community and support around you!! What a day to remember!



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