Monday, February 11, 2013

Dear Levi - Six months!

Sweet boy, Today marks your six month birthday.

Six whole months! I am so proud of the little man you have become.

With each passing week your sweet personality shines through. You love to be with people, you are very generous with your smiles even if you reserve your laughs for us that delight in working a little harder for them!

Your bright smile and non-stop chatter first thing in the morning is a beautiful thing, please forgive me if I am sometimes slow to tell you that first thing. You have started talking a lot (truly you are your mother's son) and have mastered "da da" in a way that melts my heart every time.

You have started sitting without support and even though I surround you with cushions you are getting more balanced every day and I think the cushions are almost more for my peace of mind than your safety.

You continue to chomp down on everything we give you to eat. We started adding a little baby rice to your purees and you love it. You are so good at drinking water from your cup with a straw, and you even manage not to poke yourself in the eye quite so much! You are becoming such a fun little kid.

You are developing a really good sense of humor already. You love Peek a Boo and can't seem to get enough of it, you laugh so hard. You love to roll around on the floor onto your belly and you still haven;t figured out how to roll back again, maybe next month?!

You have started to scooch around in circles on your tummy. I don't think it's going to be long until you are very mobile. I am not ready. You are my baby and as much as I love to see you learning new skills my heart is also a little sad to see you growing so fast.

You are quite the charmer and really enjoy being with other people especially other kids. Big kids are your favourite. We have left you in the nursery at church and for MOPS and Bible study and you do great, but even if you are exhausted you will not take a nap while there is fun to be had. As soon as we leave to go hone you just crash! It's very sweet but when you miss naps your nights can be unsettled too which isn't so fun. Still, having your little hand stroke my face as you nurse makes even 3am bearable.

I am drinking in all your sweetness because I know these days a passing quickly. You continue to be the light of my life little man. I am so thankful to God for blessing us with the gift of you. This weekend we will dedicate you as Bethany and we are so happy to celebrate you, and God's faithfulness in our lives with all our friends and family who love you so much.

 I love you Bugs
Happy half year birthday

Mama x



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