Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Good Company

I love being a Mummy. It's hard, but it's so worth it. These first months have gone by like a blur. My teeny newborn is gone. In his place is a funny, sweet, fun-loving little baby.

I realised today as I was changing Levi's nappy and "we" were chatting, how much fun it is to have his company. Yes, I am still doing things for him. He is certainly not independent in any way yet, but as his little personality continues to come through I m genuinely enjoying his company during the day.

It was a special revelation as I contemplate the fears I had in parenting a little boy. I admit that as much as God prepared my heart that Levi was going to be a boy, and as flat-out ecstatic I was to be having any baby, there was a tiny part of my heart that was hoping I would have a girl. As soon as the sonographer told us that he was a boy, I was thrilled but I had to walk through a moment of grief for the daughter he wasn't.

I am a girl, and a pretty girly one at that. I like to craft, I get excited about decorating the house for different seasons, I love baking and cooking. Not that boys can't enjoy these activities but I knew it was more likely that a boy would be wanting to rough and tumble, get dirty, play sports (and yes, I know girls can be this way, but please leave me to my stereotyping examples).

I had a fear that I wouldn't know how to connect with a boy. Would we have anything in common? Would I know how to raise him to embrace his passions, gifting and boy-ness? These questions were soon forgotten in the excitement of preparing to welcome our sweet boy but they never really got answered.

Today, as I laughed along with my son, all of those questions were answered. I am not sure what I was so worried about, or how I imagined life would be so different with a daughter. I don't look at Levi just as a boy. He is my baby. End of. And boy, do I love this little stinker.

I love that he is so desperate to be moving and at just 6 months he is getting into crawling position and rocking and hopping like a little bunny.

I love that he thinks peekaboo is so hilarious.

I love that at night when I am rocking him and singing to him, he lifts his sleepy little head off my shoulder and rubs his nose on mine, Eskimo kisses.

I love that he wants to be bouncing all. the. time.

I love that he likes to stick his tongue out between his teeth and just stay that way.

I love that he tries to sing along with music.

I love how willing he is to smile and laugh for friends and strangers alike.

I love that he claps himself when he thinks he has done something clever - including when he rolls his naked butt away from me when I am trying to change his bum!

I love that he thinks sneezing - his or other peoples - is sooo funny.

I love that he wakes up every morning so happy and chatty.

And that is just off the top of my head as I type this. He love to have fun. He wants to explore and thinks life is a big adventure. I love his spirit, so excited and enthusiastic (his middle name Rhys means enthusiasm for life and he certainly personifies that).

I cannot imagine life with a daughter now, even though I know I would have loved her for a million reasons of her own, I am glad to have this sweet, hilarious, ticklish, tenacious, sweet and feisty little man for company each day. I can't wait for all the fun we are going to have as he grows up.


  1. Oh he is so very sweet!! And it looks like he will be crawling soon!

  2. CUTE CUTE CUTE! love the post Chrissie,had me in tears ;)

  3. So cute and sweet!!! The pics are precious too!



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