Friday, March 1, 2013

Teeth that don't want to come out!

Apparently, the average baby gets teeth in their seventh month. This is Levi's seventh month and while as his mother I refuse to consider him average in any way, I think that this month may be it for him tooth wise. He has just under a couple of weeks for his little white cap to cut through and I am hoping beyond hope it does. Mostly for Levi's sake, but I confess, my sleep could do with some teething free nights too.

Levi is a trooper but these teethies have been bugging him. He has been a drool faucet for the past couple of weeks, I have to have a bib on him when he is awake and I have to change it at least twice during the day and he is still seems to end up soaking wet. And he is chewing, chewing, chewing. Everything and anything, if there isn't a toy handy his poor thumbs and fingers get stuck in and gnawed.

I am diligent to rub on the gem numbing gel which is the only time he lets me feel to see if anything has pooped...nothing to report. It's getting old. A couple of nights this week he has been so unsettles at bedtime that I have resorted to Tylenol to soothe him. I want my happy little guy back. I mean he rallies bless his heart and is quickly distracted but it is a lot of work because the distractions don't last long. It seems that Daddy can always elicit a smile which is both wonderful and disheartening! My heart is always happy to see Levi smiling but I do wish that I was able to get the same reaction by just being there! Daddy and bathtime. Bathtime is another fail safe way to keep Levi happy. He is actually never more content than when he is splashing around in the bath. Recently while he has been splashing he has also had one of his rubber bath toys in his mouth and been chowing it to death but still, he doesn't seem to be sad about his teeth when he is surrounded by water.

I feel as though I have been a bit of a zombie recently because of lack of sleep. Our boy used to do a consistent 6 or 7 hour starting stretch before it went to pot in 3 hours blocks, but recently we have had a 4.5 hour stretch of we are lucky and most of that is before we go to bed. Poor bubba, he can't seem to settle himself back without nursing either so I am up with him until he falls asleep. I don't begrudge him, I really actually love the snuggle time but I am shattered and ready for some more solid sleep - I'm sure Levi is too. I look forward to posting that our kid has a chomper or two and I hope I can post it soon!

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