Saturday, March 23, 2013

Catching up

It feels like forever since I finished writing a blog. I have lots half written and saved but something, or more specifically, someone needs my attention before I get to finish a thought let alone write it down :)

Here are a few bullets about what's going on with us recently...

I finished the quarter of school (Praise the Lord!) and now have hopefully only 3 classes to go until my Associates degree is done and dusted. It will still probably take a while because I will just be taking one class at a time to fit in with life but I am so close I can taste it!

Levi is officially crawling. And he's fast! He also decided to impress/shock J and I this morning by crawling tot he ottoman and pulling himself up to standing like it was no big deal. Seriously, kid?!

Our house is suddenly the most dangerous place on earth (see above!)

It's March madness. Which means there is way more basketball on my TV than I would ever choose. But J enjoys it, and apparently so does Levi, my sweet little telly addict.

Yesterday we woke up to snow fall. By the afternoon the sun was out and I even had to try Levi's new sunglasses out it was so bright. Next weekend, it's supposed to be close to 70 degrees. Crazy Spring weather. 

I am on my third bag of Cadbury's mini eggs. No I don't feel guilty. Yes, I might be in my bigger jeans for a little longer than I anticipated, but I think it's worth the sacrifice.

I am loving the flash that J got me for Christmas for my camera and am really enjoying snapping our little man as he grows.

I am finally getting to finish a few different books that have nothing to do with American history - Yay, for no more history class - I love to read but the reading load was pretty heavy for a single class so these "fun" books have been giving me sad eyes, sitting on my night stand for the past few months. I'm looking forward to some tea + blanket + book times this week. Maybe while Levi naps (because it certainly won't be while he is awake :)

That's about it - or at least that's all I've got for now and I really want to publish a post - finally! But I will sign off with a few pictures from our time at the park and the beach this afternoon.


  1. Oh reading is so lovely!!!! I read only when she's asleep also... :-)

    He looks like he's having a blast!

  2. Enjoy those Cadbury eggs while they last! Levi is adorable! I hope the homemade teething biscuits help:)



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