Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Teething Sucks

I am writing this blog sitting on the couch, still half dressed and un-showered at 4.15pm. Sweet boy is sat next to me content to be still and chewing on something. Clearly he is not feeling good because he is never still.

He is teething and really struggling. He (and I) were up last night at 11pm, 1am, and then for a few hours from 2-5am. He was crying and in pain and overtired so this poor exhausted little guy was a mess and I was right there with him. He slept, praise the Lord, from 5-8am and woke up his cheery self but much later than his usual 7am wake up so it threw his routine way off.

Soon the shiny smiling boy was beginning to dim. He was distractable but not content and not able to settle to sleep at all. Usually he takes at least 2, 1 hour+ naps and today he has netted a whopping 44 minutes of sleep in two spurts all day.

I have been faithfully applying his gum numbing gel but it wasn't cutting it so I finally gave in a gave him Tylenol and that has at least subdued the pain for now because he is snuggled next to me quietly.

On days like this I am so thankful for his cheerful personality because it is easy to tell when he is not feeling well. It's sad for me to see him like this and tough to be soothing him and patient when he refuses sleep or is just grumpy when I am so short on sleep too. But that's all part of the mum package, right?

He is still managing to make the best of it, he is making himself laugh rihgt now by bonking a toy on his head, over and over. But it doesn't distract him for long and then he is back to grizzling and complaining. Jeremy is coming home with more medicine supplies becasue we are almost out and I anticipate needing some tonight and some Cadbury mini eggs because desperate times call for desperate measures.

I had plans for today. School work to work to start. Dinner to cook, a pie to bake for tomorrow Pi day (3.14) but none of it has happened. Dinner will happen eventually when I can trade baby duty with Jeremy. Pie maybe. School work hopefully, but I am reminded that when it comes down to priorities, this little guy and his wellbeing come first and today he has needed to snuggle and to have my (and Grandma and grandpa's) full attention. So that's been my lot.

And tonight, I will fit in the rest of the "less important" things. Chicken noodle soup on the menu tonight, because let's be honest it's a chicken noodle soup kind of day.

Wishing you all a peaceful night tonight and hoping for the same here.

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  1. IMHO ibuprofen works way better for teething than Tylenol! It also lasts longer so a dose right before bed is key!!! Also Hand's homeopathic teething tabs are the bomb!



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