Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Standing Man

Not content to have mastered crawling last week, our little guy set himself a new challenge...pulling himself to standing. I actually think that his goal is walking, and this is just the first step (no pun intended) on is way to meeting that goal. Heaven help us!

My life suddenly got much busier. Levi has a strong attraction to cords and wires and he would give his favorite chew toy to get a quick nibble on a cell phone. He is also strangely attracted to the fireplace and the vertical blinds...all of these things are no nos and it makes for a crazy day of distracting him and moving him from one place to the other in our house to try and keep him occupied. He is still so little, just 7.5months old and "discipline" isn't really appropriate yet. He can understand that we don't want him to get into something, and boy, can he share his discontent - which he does - but he is too little to unerstand any sort of rational argument to do with the fireplace, or understand consequences. Do for now, its distract, distract, distract and phew, it's exhausting!

Last night as J and I were laying in bed just catching up on our days, he said, "it's so cute to see him crawling around everywhere now, isn't it?" That's one way to put it...I mean it is, his little bum wiggling around and his strong chubby arms and his smiling face, so proudly getting around wherever he wants to go but it's a game changer. I have taken to putting him in the pack and play with toys so I can make dinner or go tot he loo because he is so quick I don't want to be dashing to get him out of danger with my knickers around my ankles. He is happy to be contained for a half hour especially now he can pull himself to standing in there.

This was the sight that greeted me earlier today - he was supposed to be napping but instead he had been working very hard to pull himself up to standing in here.

Hello Mummy!

Luckily we had lowered the crib this weekend - it needs to go even lower I think...just to make sure there is no flinging himself out during the night when sleep is too boring and he's in search of more adventure ;)

He has had a tummy virus for the past five days, at least that is what the doctor thought it was when i took him in after three long days and nights of pooping and an increasingly sore bottom. Poor baby. We have been trying to give him same naked time every day but with his gastric issues it's a bit of a dangerous game! Because he's been a bit off we have spent more time at home which has given him the opportunity to practice his crawling and standing and I guess it's paid off. I think we are in for a busy few months!! I love watching this little man growing up, but it's happening so fast!

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  1. Oh enjoy the chub - once they get mobile they start losing some baby fat! It is ridiculous - we were just watching videos of pipsqueak from 6-8 months and I had forgotten what a chunk she used to be :-(



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