Monday, March 11, 2013

Dear Levi - Seven Months Old

Little man, you are seven months old today and you getting more and more cheeky with every day that passes.

You are scooting around, not quite crawling yet but you are mobile enough that you can get where you want to go in a hot minute. You are keeping us on our toes and it's going to be time for baby gates very soon so when we turn our backs you are not climbing the stairs! Taking your seven month pictures was tricky because you were way more interested in perfecting your crawling skills than laying still and posing :)

You are a master at sitting by yourself now, no pillows required and can go from sitting to crawling and almost back again. You prop yourself up in a sort of mermaid pose that you can sometimes lead to getting back to sitting but other times you don' quite have the umph to get there! I am partial to your mermaid though.

You are not a fan of bedtime or naps in general and are starting to twist your head to see if the door is open once we are in your room - you know if it's closed then its time for sleeping and you let your dissatisfaction be known. You whine but it's soon pacified by nursing or rocking and once you are snuggled and sleepy you are getting really good at putting yourself to sleep. You are however starting to boycott one of your naps and generally take two solid ones a day and go to bed around 6.30pm. It was daylight savings this weekend so I am not sure how that will impact your sleep but I hope it will be for  the better if is is affected at all :)

You are my fabulous eater. You have yet to meet a food you don't like. You are still enjoying the puree's I made for you and are also keen to eat anything we offer you - or you help yourself too - from our plates!! You are getting quite sneak and very fast at swiping things when we are not quick enough to stop you! I love that you enjoy your food so much.

You find something to smile about everywhere you go. I love your sweet personality and enjoy your company so much. You are certainly a fun buddy to have in tow everywhere I go. You love riding in the stroller which mean we can take long walks which is a great way to get outside on the sunny spring days. And Daddy and I are very glad your hatred of your carseat is over and you now pass the time in the backseat chatting or blowing bubbles which we drive! ha ha

You continue to bring me such joy and I love you so much Buggy, looking forward to seeing what your eighth month will hold!

Love you, Mama x


  1. He is so smiley and adorable! It is such a blessing and a real treasure to get to read all about Levi and see the sweet pictures. Somehow, knowing how much you and Jeremy went through to get to this stage makes it all the more satisfying and lovely for me so I can't imagine what it's like for you guys. I'm so so happy for you, Chrissie. Much love <3

  2. Alright, that's it! YOU WIN! You officially have the cutest baby on the planet.



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