Sunday, March 10, 2013

Yay for being average...and for baby showers!

First our big news...WE HAVE A TOOTH, PEOPLE!!

I know the doctor said that teeth can pop up and go back a few times before they decide to come out for the world to see officially but I am calling it. Levi has his first tooth, it's his bottom middle left. He isn't seven months until tomorrow, so I guess in this respect he is totally average - and I, for one, am totally thankful about that because this sleep deprivation is making me a crazy person. I know it's hardly a walk in the park for Levi either so I am happy for both of us.

And he's pretty happy about it too - see below :)

To go right along with the final weeks of this quarter of school and the piles of extra essays and assignments that brings, and the 5 hours a night (not consecutive) of sleep I have been getting this week because of the tooth business I was putting together the final touches to the shower I was throwing for my dear friend Marie.

It was my first really 'involved' party/event planning since Levi and I think I bit off a little more than I anticipated. It was a lesson learned, but I will set my bar at a more realistic level in the future :) I love every piece of it and enjoyed the baking and planning, cookie decorating and decoration crafting bit, but with everything else on my plate and a now mobile almost 7 month old it was not easy to get it all done.

However, I married a man who is gracious to fill in the gaps when I spread myself too thin, and who ran last minute errands with the baby and moved furniture to help set up and promptly set about vacuuming and helping clear up when he got home. I could not have done it without him - or without friends like Paige, who helped make decorations last week and was an incredible help and extra pair of hands everywhere that was needed on the day! Thankyou both so much.

Marie, we love you and we cannot wait to meet those two little babies you are cooking :) I was so busy hostessing, I didn't get any pictures with the mama to be - or anyone else for that matter (boo), but i did remember to snap a few of things as we set up. The orange vanilla bean cupcakes turned out very yummy, I am not at all sad there were a few of those left over!

It was a bit of a different shower, we played Bunco  (that's what the little tables in the picture were for - there were two more tables of fun. We also drank cocktails (mocktails for the preggy's and nursing mamas) but it was a lot of fun. Laughter, squeals and shouts of delight were heard as the dice were rolled across the tables and scores were tallied. Once the craziness stopped, and prizes were awarded, Marie open presents and received pledges of help from all of us. Glad to shower this sweet friend with love and encouragement, but also glad it's over...but now there is no excuse for not getting homework least, not now I have finished this blog. Oh well :)

Happy Sunday friends x

Marie we love you and



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