Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Dear Levi - Eight Months Old (just a few days late!)

Dear Levi,

The tardiness of this post is a direct reflection of how much has changed in the past month. You have become the busiest little bean; mastered crawling at lightening speed, started pulling yourself to standing with ease, cruising around the furniture and taking steps behind your walker doing laps of the room (if only you could figure out how to turn it around by yourself!)

You are a busy kid. Exploring the world with an energy that inspires and exhausts me in equal measure.

You continue to explore with your pointer finger, which has led to us placing socket protectors on all the outlets we thought you would reach and get into and some that you discovered and we had missed. Those little holes are just the perfect size for your little fingers and you can't understand why we discourage you from sticking them in there.

This love of little holes has also helped you find another new skill. You were reaching to try and stick your finger in the keyhole on the TV cabinet when your hand would slip and catch the 'u' shaped handle which you then pulled to open the doors to the delights of the DVD player, cable box and cords galore. Daddy locked the cabinet and now you spend many infuriating minutes pulling hard on the handle trying to understand why it now won't open. However, this discovery opened your eyes to the wonder of door to open and the kitchen cabinets full of pots and pans have become your playground.

Your fine motor skills have really developed too, I think the desire to get those Cheerios and freeze dried yogurt drops into your mouth was enough motivation and now you are prone to keeping your mouth clamped shut when we try to feed you something that you consider you could put in your mouth by yourself. I am thankful you are still willing (and eager) to eat from a spoon without too much protest, although your bubble blowing while eating had resulted in me wearing an apron so I don't get pebble-dashed by your purees.

You are still sleeping a quasi schedule. You ave pretty consistently dropped your third nap, and have started showing signs that you might take longer naps but you seem to be most tired about an hour and a half after you first wake up - that nap is always your longest. I guess its a reflection of the fact you are still up two or three times a night :) Your bedtime is still between 6 and 7pm and you are getting better at settling to sleep even though you now enjoy cruising around holding onto the sides of your crib and throwing your lovie or your socks out across the room! You have quite the arm already little man, future Mariner perhaps? You Dad would love that!

You are ever more verbal, jabbering away from the second you wake up until you finally give up and fall asleep. You still seem to favor "Dada" over any other word, but I am still hoping that "Mama" will makes its way into your vocab soon. I can't wait to see you start using those words to call for us specifically. At present when you are trying to get our attention, or anyone's really, you stare and yell, "AH!" And you will not be denied, you can keep yelling until you are responded to. This made for much entertainment after I turned off the 'View', a chat show on TV and the faces of the women disappeared. You were staring at the blank screen and yelling and yelling, getting quite perturbed that they were not returning at your call!! ha ha

Your sense of humor is a delight to watch unfold. Your laugh is amazing, music to this mama's ears.

Love you Buggaboo,

Mama x
Here is a picture snapped right after I was trying to feed you and you blew a bubble. Gross. But cute too :)

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