Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Spoke too soon

I guess my daylight savings post was a bit premature. Levi has been struggling with late nights, late naps, and very early mornings. He has been exhausted poor little guy. Essentially his schedule has moved to match up with time as much as possible but his napping has been earlier because he's been going to bed at 6pm (7pm in his body) but getting up at 5 (6am in his body - and mine!) So he is over tired and falling asleep before his usual nap time but then never having time to catch up.

Today we had MOPS (mothers of pre schoolers) where he goes in the nursery with two sweet ladies who love him and a few little buddies his age. He usually loves and is more than happy to trot off without me to play with trains but today he was already ready for a nap when we arrived as as I set him down he burst into really sad tears and when I picked him up he just lay his head on my shoulder. After a few minutes I offered him a bottle and  after a few sips he saw the trains and he was off. I hoped that he woudl be able to hold it together because he would be distracted. I had already told the staff that I planned to listen to the speaker but leave before the discussion and pick him up early so he could nap before he got too tired but I did ask that if he got upset to come and get me because I knew I was pushing him and I didn't want him to struggle and then develop a fear of the nursery for the future.

I wish he would have had a fun time but I am glad that they brought him to me because he was super upset and having a rough time. He had stopped crying but his little tear-stained face and deep breathing was like a punch to my mama's heart. He quickly snuggled onto my lap and took the remainder of his bottle almost fallig asleep right there.

I left soon after so he could sleep and he fell asleep about 3 minutes into the car ride home. Sadly, I changed his diaper when we got home and it disturbed him enough that he couldn't settle back to sleep. Lesson learned because he usually transfers great.

In the end I stopped fighting it, brought him down and gave him lunch, read books quietly and then tried again an hour later. He was still struggling so I just put him in the crib and walked away. I needed to sit a few minutes (I had been having contractions and pressure again yesterday and my doctor warned me to keep off my feet as much as possible. Two rounds of rocking him to sleep would not have been what he had in mind!) Our video monitor has a two way speaker on it and in my frustration as I watched him pop up and start chattering away I said, "Levi Rhys lay down  in your crib and go to sleep" I have done this before and usauslly he will lay down for a few seconds but this time I watched him lay down but he stayed there and took a nap. Thank you Lord!! Certainly an answer to prayer for this exhausted mother.

So now we just have to figure out the rest of our day. I can hear him stirring. We have a friend heading over later which is always nice but Jeremy is working late so I have bedtime duty alone. Hoping he adjusts soon because this is exhausting, and even though he has been sleeping through the night again it doesn't feel like a good nights sleep when we have to get up at 5! :)

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  1. I love the part when you speak over the monitor to him :) do you think that could work when they're teenagers?!!!
    -vails momma



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