Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Dear Nora - Eleven months old

Dear Nora Bug,

Each month seems to pass by faster and faster, but this month especially you seem to be exploring the world with more intensity, and at a faster pace than ever before you are picking up new skills every day and its tough to keep up with you.

You have discovered books and especially love to see pictures of animals; dogs and cows especially. You try to bark and moo which is so funny to hear, but we love the way you get so excited to try.

You have decided that what is good enough for Levi is good enough for you. When Daddy leaves for work in the morning, you make it known you want a hug and kiss and then to wave at the window just like him. When he has a snack, you have to have one. You want to take turns on his scooter just like he does and are quite prepared to stand up and push it yourself if there is no-one to help you!

You love your Daddy so much and when you wake up in the morning, you crawl over to snuggle with him (yes, you are still sleeping in our bed!) and when he gets up to get ready for work you crawl to the edge of the bed, sit up on your knees and bounce arms lifted high, grunting for him to pick you up and play. It's so sweet!!

You are constantly on the move crawling everywhere, cruising around the furniture and even takingyour first steps! You build up quite the appetite and eat all day long!! There is not much you won't eat, and you keep us on our tows by deciding that one day you love something and the next day you don't but still you are  not hard to feed - it's just keeping you full that's tough! You have started to have smoothies with breakfast which you just love - I'm sure something about that is that you like to be the same as Levi and Mummy.

You understand so much more than I realise half the time. I asked you the other day to take the block that was in your hand and put it in the box. You instantly turned away, crawled over, and dropped it in!

You love to play peekaboo around corners of furniture or doorways. And you love to play chase with Levi or anyone else. You seem to find great joy in crawling away mid diaper change and squealing as you look back to see who is coming to get you as you disappear under the dining room table or somewhere equally awkward to retrieve you and try to replace the diaper before an accident. You are such a wiggle worm and get so mad when you have your diaper changed. We try to distract you but its usually a battle!

You love to make fish faces when we ask what the fish does, or pat your head when we ask where your hat goes. I love that you are starting to interact more and more.

You still love to have matching things in each hand. Your favourite are socks and you will often find both of your brothers dis-guarded socks and carry them around in your fists as you crawl all over.

You are so busy and have such an opinion about pretty much everything, we love getting to know you more and more. You celebrated your first Christmas this month and you loved the lights and even opening presents held some excitement for you, you really like the paper as all good babies do!

We love you more and more - Happy eleven months Buggaboo

Mama x

 How big is Nora? SO BIG!

                                           The sticker didn't last too long this month!

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