Sunday, December 20, 2009

Just another Sunday night...

The fire was lit in the living room and we set out the pieces of the gingerbread train. I knew this would be a fun night!

I love these quiet times together. Laughing as the frosting drips off the cookies onto the table - or from the bag straight in Jeremy's mouth (gross) Creating something together, even if it was just a gingerbread train!

After the train we sat by the fire and read a chapter of a marriage book called 'His needs, her needs' It highlights the top 5 emotional needs of men and women, and talks about why they are important. It is starting some good, hard, honest, funny, revealing and necessary conversation for us. So the flames flickered in the fireplace and we read and shared.

To top this romantic night off, Jeremy reminded me we needed to do our teeth whitening. We both got trays made for our mouths and free whitening stuff when we joined our dentist as new patients! So now we are lisping to each other as we tidy up and get ready for bed!

This blend of intentional fun time and everyday life feels like an important balance to find as we move forward with our marriage.

P.s. I am SO glad we have finished with our Christmas shopping and did not have to brave the crowds at Northgate today - yikes!

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