Thursday, December 17, 2009

The simple things

I LOVE the Christmas season, but the simple pleasures of life can seem to get lost amongst all the wrapping paper and twinkle lights. Last night I made stuffed peppers for dinner for Jeremy and I, a favourite of his. We sat at the table, candles flickering just sharing about our day. We sat by the fire and took turns reading a book aloud together, the warm fire being the perfect desert!
Jeremy left to play basket ball and I set about making some soup while watching the finale of 'So you think you can dance'. (Such beautiful dances, so much talent - did you see it? Who was your favourite?!)

What a wonderful night. Good food. Intimate conversation. Hoping and dreaming about the future. A warm fireplace. Time and space to create. A hug from my husband. Each such special gifts.

Christmas is a wonderful time and all the sparkle only makes it better, but the reason is the celebration of Christ coming to earth as a baby. Bringing him with him the gift of salvation. He gives true life.

As I sit in in the quiet, I am reminded to take stock of each moment and every opportunity. To recognise and be thankful for every day I have to live. In this light, I make better choices for how I spend my time and better appreciate the people in my life. In these moments of awareness I see all I have and at the same time recognise my own unworthiness. This revelation in turn makes my heart more generous, it grows my desire to give.

I am looking forward to Christmas for a million reasons, but along the way I really want to take time with family and friends to experience and appreciate the simple things. To remember the birth of that special baby and the life he has given me.

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